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Monday, March 20, 2017

More 2017's

You saw yesterday that I received my first 2017's and today, I got 4 more. I also got one additional card for the player collection. All in all, I got 2 envelopes. 1 with the player collection card, and 1 with the 4 2017's.

I picked up this Buehrle Allen & Ginter's for $.11/shipped. I thought I already had it but apparently I have the mini and the black mini before the base. This is my 184th card of Mark Buehrle.

I picked the Rodon for $.25/shipped and the Lawrie for $.23/shipped. These 2 cards and the 1 below bring the series 1 team set down to 4 cards. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get any 2017's and then just like that, 6 down, 4 to go. I know that because after yesterday's post, I finally update my team checklist page. Apparently I hadn't touched it since early 2016.

This one goes to the White Sox collection as well but also the Chris Sale collection. I picked this up for a quarter/shipped. As long as it took for me to pick up the non-popular players, I figured it'd be long before I got this one. It's probably his last flagship card for the right Sox. This is my 115th card in the Sale collection.

This is my 1st non-White Sox 2017. This card came to me for only $.17/shipped. It is my 80th card of Zimmerman. The more I see the 2017's, the more they grown on me which is generally the case with most sets. I mean, I have to buy the damn things, I shouldn't hate them.

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  1. "I have to buy the damn things, I shouldn't hate them."

    Yes. For 2017, you should. They are crap.