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Sunday, March 19, 2017

3 Old With 3 New

It was a big mailbox day yesterday and I didn't get around to posting it so you get a rare, not a random post, on a Sunday. I received 8 cards in 4 envelopes yesterday, although you won't technically see 2 of them here. Let start with some vintage collection pick ups.

This would be the lot where you only see 1 card of the 3, that's because it was a 3 card lot of all the same card. So if you need a 1979 Topps Sal Bando, let me know. I picked up the whole lot for $.16/shipped. This is my 312th card from 1979 which puts that set at 43% completed.

I picked up this 1972 Topps for $.23/shipped, which to me, is a great price for anything older than me, even if only a year older. This is my 33rd card from that set which puts it at a little over 4% completed.

Last but not least of the Vintage collection. This 1980 Topps of the Bird comes to me for $.23/shipped as well. To me, again, a great price for a popular player amongst collectors. This is my 130th card from 1980 and puts that set at almost 18% completed.

That's all for the "old" cards, next is the "new" cards.

These 3 cards I picked up in a lot and they are my first cards from 2017, I know I'm a little slow but it takes a few months before they drop below a quarter after getting released. I believe I have some more series 1 on it's way now. I really need to update my team sets page, I haven't updated in probably a year as far as adding sets to it. I grabbed this lot for only $.41 shipped which comes down to 2 cards at $.14 and 1 at $.13.

Maybe I'll go and add newer sets to my team set page now. Maybe.

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