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Monday, March 13, 2017

3 very different cards

I received 3 envelopes today with 3 very different cards. 2 Player Collections but 2 very different players and types of cards and a Vintage Collection pick-up. Let's see what we got.

We'll start with the Vintage collection pick-up. I grabbed this 1980 Topps for $.16/shipped. It is my 127th card from that set which puts it at 17.5% completed. I bid on a ton of vintage cards but I lose most of them and sadly, not by much, but I stick to my quarter bid otherwise I'll end up spending what I don't have.

I didn't think I'd win this either since it's an oddball and an oddball I never see on Ebay but I still managed to win it for only $.20/shipped. This is my 99th card of the Kid but at least the majority of them have been during his playing days. Topps hasn't overloaded us on his cards yet, they've put out a bunch just not like some other players.

I also picked up this former Wolverine relic card of Tim Hardaway Jr. This came across because the bidding started at a penny with free shipping. Since it was a relic card I went ahead and put $3 on it which ended up being my winning bid. I can't complain about spending $3 on a relic (even if it's probably even-worn) and it's numbered to /325. It is my 9th card of Tim Hardaway jr.

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