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Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday Twofer

I gotta shoot out this quick post of the 2 cards I've gotten the last 2 days because I know I probably won't post tomorrow as I'll be in Ann Arbor watching my Wolverines spank Maryland (at least they better) with my boy Dennis of "Too Many Verlanders/Grandersons/Tigers in General" and "Not Enough Michigan cards." It is a noon game so I should be back home at a decent hour but it's still between a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive so who knows if I'll be up to breaking out the laptop.

We'll start off with a Buehrle/White Sox collection card. This is from 2007 Heritage and it's a SP because the team name is in white. I picked it up for $.25/shipped. It is my 193rd card of Mark Buehrle.

You can tell football season has started because I've been picking up a bunch of former Michigan players, including this relic card of Devin Funchess. It's really shiny. This came to me for $2.25/shipped and is my 29th card of Funchess.

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  1. Good pairing of another White Sox player I always respected plus a Wolverine! See you tomorrow morning, rain or shine.