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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Last Weekend with Sluggo

I spent yesterday logging and scanning cards that I've received over the week so I can get those posts going again. Especially since I spent some time yesterday and all of today sorting boxes for the LCS and now have another small stack that I have to enter and scan tomorrow for another post. So much for not picking up more cards because our show got cancelled.

On to today's post, last weekend, Kevin and I did 2 shows, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday he gave me a box of cards that he pulled for me and then on Sunday at the show, he bought some stuff and I picked through that. So that'll be todays post. Cards from Sluggo.

3 more Robert's and 2 Anderson's. 4 of the 5 cards up there are inserts and parallels. The only one that isn't is the winter Anderson. When I started collecting Robert, I had trouble picking his cards up because they were expensive so I'm extremely happy that his collection is nearing a milestone, I'll let you know when I hit it, or you can look on TCDB.

This collection (and the following) have been moving right along. Mainly because they are 80's and 90's players so I've been picking them up like crazy because there are a bunch out there. Kevin picked out these 10 cards of Doc and those almost put that PC at a milestone as well.

I divided these 3 scans by teams since Strawberry bounced around a little bit. 7 cards from the Mets, 6 with the Dodgers, 1 Yankee and 1 Giant.

This Liam Hendriks rookie got it's own scan because it's that great of a card. No, not really. I realized after I scanned all my other player collections that I forgot it. His cards have been harder to come by than I realized. I think he just doesn't get put in a lot of the smaller sets.

He also gave me a ton of White Sox cards, as you can see. I threw all the early stuff in one scan and the newer stuff in the 2nd.

These 8 cards of Frank are also part of the Sox collection as I don't PC him but I keep adding to his 1000+ cards.

He also gave me this pocket schedule with Frank on the front. This is the back and the front of it.

That's everything that he gave me when he picked me up for the Kalamazoo show on Saturday. On Sunday, he bought a box of Football cards from someone looking to unload it and I flipped through it to see if there was anything that I needed.

The 7 football cards in that scan all came from that box. The Wagner card was supposed to be in the following scan. All former Wolverines but only 1 in a Wolverine uniform. The Niko and Haskins are both rookies with the Haskins being an Astral parallel and the Lewan a blue press proof.

Kevin talked to the dealer next to us at the end of the show. He had some prices as marked cards and he got him down to half off if we bought bulk. I went through them and pulled a few things for myself as well.

These 5 (including the Wagner in the previous scan) was $16 so we got them at half off, for $8 but in the end, Kevin said I could just have them. I grabbed the Wagner because it's the blue parallel. I love the Joe Crede auto, I already have a few but he's my favorite 3rd baseman of all time. He was money in 2005. Plus I rarely get to add to his PC. As a matter of fact, this is the 1st Crede I've added this year. I picked up the Reyes because it was a Gold. I've mentioned a bunch of times how much I love the cracked ice parallel so the Tom Brady was a no-brainer, that is a sweet card. It goes into the Michigan collection but it's my 28th card of him in a Michigan uniform. Last but not least, he had a few Vintage in there, most of it was late 70's that I passed on (I would have grabbed them all if I had known I wasn't going to pay for them) but I wasn't going to pass up this 1964 Topps World Series card. 

Lots of great cards up there. I have one more post of pick-ups from last weekend. I got them at the Kalamazoo show but not from the Kalmazoo show. If that's confusing, you'll just have to stay tuned.

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