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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

the Great Sort

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I sorted 4 3 row boxes of cards for my LCS. I found quite a few cards that I didn't have which surprised me because the majority of the stuff I sorted was, for the most part, just base cards. There were some inserts, but not a ton of them. Everything I got here, I get to keep for free for payment for sorting.

I decided to do the scanning by players instead of big scans, I just like it better that way so you'll get a lot of scans.

As you may know, I collect team cards as in team photo cards. I've probably flipped through thousands of 2023 cards and never thought to keep these for that collection but I did this time. All 3 of them kind of look like the team photos of the past and they seem to feature the whole team so I kept them.

I set aside the players to scan that I have over 50 cards of, and they are all White Sox cards considering I don't PC them as players. Frank (1017), Abreu (265), Ventura (182), Giolito (149) & Rodon (77).

I also did a scan of the younger players that I like and a couple of an older player. Garrett Crochet, I expected big things from before he got hurt. Oscar Colas is supposed to be our future. I really hated the Jake Burger trade and didn't understand but I still like him. I don't think I'll PC him just because he's no longer with us. Lenyn Sosa is also supposed to be one of our futures. You also can't go wrong with some new Dick Allen cards from A&G. Certainly better than a lot of the non-baseball cards they put in that set.

Next up are PC cards.

I grabbed 5 cards of Eloy. This is the first time I've seen the Cosmic Chrome, those are pretty cool. To be fair, I don't think they would have the luster they have without being Chrome. You'll see a lot of the above sets throughout this post. I now have 194 cards of Eloy, closing on a milestone there.

I picked up 3 cards of Robert, 2 of the 3 are actually inserts. I'm only a card behind Eloy with 193 cards of Robert and therefore, also closing in on the same milestone.

I'm still collecting TA, even though I haven't been real happy with him lately. We'll see if it doesn't get better next year. These 7 cards give me 217 of Anderson.

I only picked up 1 card of each of these players. Also like grabbing another Buehrle as he doesn't get much love from the newer sets but he did in the Platinum Anniversary set. I have 383 of Mark.

I picked up this insert of Cease as well. I haven't seen these Velo inserts from the Capstone set. I'm closing on a milestone of Cease's as well with this card being the 98th.

I also found 2 Fisk, 1 from each Sox and both newer. These 2 give me 383 cards of the original Pudge.

2 more of Johnny Bench, one being an insert and a die cut one at that. These make 232 of the Little General.

A couple more of the Platinum Anniversary cards. A lot of my PC players had a card in this set. That's my 348th of the Kid and 147th of Doc.

Always great to pick up some of the Tier 1 collection, especially when I'm adding 4 cards. These give me 572 cards of Tom Terrific which is my 4th highest PC.

2 more for the Yaz collection as well, both from sets you've seen a number of times already. These 2 give me 182 cards of the BoSox legend.

2 more singles. My Zimmy collection is definitely bigger than I thought it would be when I started it. It's at 399 with this card.

Barry's collection, however, I expected it to get pretty big because of when he played. It now sits at 3rd place of my PC's with 741 cards.

I haven't been searching for cards of Steve Carlton but I feel like I've added quite a few lately. I shall go look. I've only added 25 this year but 12 of those were in the last 2 months. He's now at 229 cards.

I'm always pleased to add more of this former Wolverine as well. Really liked seeing the Cosmic Chrome, they definitely look better in real life than scanned. These 2 of the former Rookie of the Year give me 73 of him.

These 2 A&G of Ripken also get me closer and closer to a major milestone of Cal. His PC is my largest at 960 cards. I'm not sure I'm going to hit 1k by the end of the year but I'm not real far away considering I spend 95% of my Saturdays at cards shows.

I said I sorted 4 3 row boxes. What I didn't say was 3 of those were baseball. The other, well, you'll see.

I found this DPJ among that box. This is my 40th card of him.

I've been getting a lot of cards of Nico as well lately. These 2 give me 60 cards which is 4th among my football PC's.

It's always nice to grab a former Wolverines still wearing the uniform. This Uche rookie gives me 12 cards of him.

The Rashan Gary is double that number with 24.

I only started this collection back in November of last year so it's only at 47 cards. I say only just because he has over 4000 cards. I've been searching them out though, just grabbing what comes to me.

Last but not least, I picked up some of Kwity. He only has 37 cards but 5 of them now are of the Wild Card variations. I have 7 Wild Cards and like I said, 5 are of Kwity.

Those were all the freebie cards I got from my LCS but when I'm in there, I try not to look around too much so I don't spend any money. I made the mistake of glancing in a case and seeing this card that I needed.

I cut me a deal on it but I still paid way more than I usually spend on cards. Its his pre-rookie or out of the Traded set.

As you can see, I added a bunch from this last sort but it wasn't one my usual sorts. He actually got 8 3 row boxes from another guy that I know and Kevin sorted the other 4 so he probably pulled some cards for me as well but he sorted football and basketball and he doesn't know all my PC's which is what sucks about not sorting everything. But, I get what I get and I don't pay for it so who am I to complain.

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  1. You've got a cool arrangement worked out with your LCS. Kudos on adding all of those cards to your collection while helping them out.


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