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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Trade from Dennis

I got all my cards logged and scanned. I had to scan 4 of them to the TCDB as well. I ended up adding 84 more cards to my collections from the sorting I did on Saturday. That's a lot more than usual. I'm usually lucky to get in double digits.

Today's post, however, is cards that I came home from Kalamazoo with. I didn't even buy any but not because I didn't try. I saw a 1962 Billy Williams card right across the aisle from out tables but the dude wanted $60 for it. That's way overpriced. Anyways, Dennis of Too Many Verlanders came to the show and brought a package. 2 packages actually, he gave Kevin one as well. Let's get to it.

Dennis and I share quite a few PC's, mainly because of Michigan guys but we also share a few outside of that. Like Ripken up there. He sent me these 5 that I didn't have (and the pin below that I forgot to scan with the above). He gave me a couple old and a few new. Since I'm already on my Tier 3 PC's, he also gave me that Liberty Carter as well as 3 more Zimmerman's. That Zimmy relic on the left is my 13th relic of him. and just the first hit of this package. I had never seen the middle card, it's listed as a Walmart card, I would have never guessed that with the 205 on it. Also a red framed Masterpieces.

Fun Pack Pin

These are all mutual collection as well as they are all former Wolverines. All 3 are color parallels as well. Although the top 2 don't have a color in it, they are called Premium Press Proof. I really like the Purple Cronenworth rookie.

For the 2nd hit of the package, Dennis sent me this winter Relic of Tim Anderson (at least it's not a Christmas Sweater relic). I like the card that can be torn into 3, I don't remember what set back in the day did that, pretty sure it was a basketball one. I didn't even know they did new ones. It's got Eloy, Robert and Abreu which were the core players that year. The Blue Archives of Fisk is numbered to 199.

He sent me a number of White Sox collection cards as well. This is just some of them. I put the top left 4 as they are all Refractors of some kind. I put the Abreu and Frank Thomas' just because I have a lot of both players. I've definitely never see that promotional one with an autograph (not real).

A couple of oversized cards. I have some of the game cards in my Seaver collection but I don't think I had any of the Sox ones.

These are the other hits that Dennis sent, and an insert. I included the Raines insert on this scan just because it's a really cool looking 90's insert. I thought I had the Garland relic but I have the base and this is the white version, it's also #'d to /99. I didn't have any autos of Zack Burdi as well so that's new to me. I don't believe he's even in the organization anymore. The big hit is that Magenta printing plate in the bottom left. As with all plates, it's a 1/1. I now have 3 printing plates in my collection and all 3 have come from Dennis. It's of the 2011 Topps Gyspy Queen Carlos Quentin.

Thanks for the great cards Dennis. It was great to see you again.


  1. It probably makes trading easier when you have friends who collect some of the same things. The Tim Raines insert is my favorite here, but the framed plate is pretty neat too.


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