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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

More list boxes

Nothing too exciting going on, just trying to get through the week and start my weekend. Saturday will be a busy day as we are doing a card show during the day. Then I'm going to the Michigan/Notre Dame hockey game and then come home and watch the Michigan/Iowa game. Hopefully, both will be Wolverine wins.

Today's post are the cards I sorted last week. If you remember from the post that I recorded what I do when I sort. I had a bag of cards to sort and then a bunch of list players, this time it was MLB.

The top 2 rows were all Topps Update which I didn't have any yet and also a Bowman Platinum which also just came out in the last few weeks or so.

I picked up all 3 of these for the Vintage collection. They are list players as Ted Simmons is a Hall of Famer (and former Wolverine) and Don Mattingly is on the list, probably because he should be a Hall of Famer.

This actually came from the bag of cards, but he's a hall of famer so it went to the list box and then sorted into my stack.

I added 13 more of Cal Jr, other than the 2023 Donruss, they are all from the 90's. These cards boost the Ripken collection to 974 cards, maybe I'll hit 1000 before the end of the year but that is closing in soon.

I also picked up 6 more of Schmidt, mostly look a likes and a couple of Stadium Club. These 6 give me 358 cards of Mike.

That's all of the Type 3 collection, on to Type 2.

This was also in the 2023 Update bag but he's a list player so it would have ended up here as well. If you remember, I just hit 100 cards with Dylan so this is number 101.

Another 2023 Donruss, this time of Fisk. I've picked up a bunch of these former player cards from 2023 Donruss.

I picked up this Optic of Eloy as well. 

I picked up 3 more of Robert jr as well. That Bowman Platinum came from the bag of cards but again, he's a list player so I ended up with all 3. The top left card is one of those Clearly Donruss. These push me over the 200 mark of Luis by 1. These give me 201.

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