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Thursday, November 30, 2023

New PC and a new Auto

Last Friday, as I do some Fridays, I went over to my LCS. Kevin has breakfast with his dad in the mornings and then he'll come by and pick me up and head out there. We generally hang out for awhile and talk and while we were doing that, I got bored and started looking at his dime and quarter boxes. I picked out a few things and then the owner told me that I could have whatever I pulled out of there for helping with the sorting. I stopped being picky after that I pulled whatever I wanted. Here's the haul.

As per the usual, we'll start with the White Sox cards and go to Tier 3, Tier 2 and Michigan.

I picked up these 6 Sox cards, all color parallels and an insert. That is only my 3rd card of Noah Schultz and my 49th of Madrigal. For someone who hasn't played for us in over a year, I still keep running into a lot of his cards. Those 2 Donruss of Ventura give me 186 of him and 272 of Jose Abreu.

On to Tier 3.

I haven't seen the insert before so that was definitely a good pick up and an orange parallel of Donruss. These 2 give me 241 of Bench.

There were a bunch of Ripken's but this was the only one I needed. It's kind of a cracked ice feel to it but it's from 1996 so way before they were a thing. This gives me 974 cards of Cal.

I also picked up these 3 of Strawberry, all newer cards. Most of my PC are his 80's and 90's cards so it's always nice to grab newer cards of him. These 3 give me 156 cards of him.

I even managed to get a couple of Yaz. I had never seen that particular combo card although I have seen them, just not that one. Also a parallel of 2023 Donruss. These 2 give me 185 cards of Yaz.

Next up is Tier 2.

I managed to get another color parallel of a Donruss. This is my 382nd card of Pudge.

Another Donruss color parallel. Plus another parallel and an insert of Eloy. The Gallery is a Printer Proof if you didn't catch that. These 3 cards of Eloy give me 208 cards of him.

And Tier 2 Michigan cards.

A Nico is the Maize and Blue, yes please. I've been picking up his cards pretty regularly now, this one gives me 65 cards of him.

I believe I read where Haskins was injured but I've been picking up his card pretty regularly as well. This rookie base is my 19th but as I said, a lot of those have been pretty recent.

2 more of Paye and 2 more for the Michigan collection. These 2 give me 47 cards of Kwity.

I just picked up my first card of Mazi so it's nice to already grab my 2nd. This one in the Michigan uniforms.

I also found my 2nd card of Clark Elliott not long after finding my first. This one, the LCS owner found and held for me and gave it to me when I got there.

I pick up Franz cards pretty consistently so it's nice to grab a couple of his big brother. I hadn't added any of his since April so these 2 were nice to see. They give me 36 cards of him.

It was really nice to grab this cards of Moussa Diabate because it's my 1st of him. That right, another PC. This gives me 131 different player collections.

While all of the above I got for sorting, I did purchase 1 card that Kevin saw and showed me.

When he showed me this, I knew I wanted it. I didn't have any autos of my favorite Sox pitcher. He had $15 on it but he said he'd take $10 so I coughed it up and gave it to him. I don't regret it. I love having an auto of Buehrle. While it's my 1st auto, it's my 385th card of Mr. Perfect.

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  1. I'm not overly crazy about the card(s), but it is nice to see Robin Ventura in a modern set.


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