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Monday, November 20, 2023

Sox and Former Sox & Wolverines

I finally got a break from all the birthday posts. At least for today. I have this week off work so I'll be working on some of my LCS's cards. Although I have plans most of the week so it won't be an all day thing. I'm a few posts behind as I picked up some cards last weekend and with all the birthday's, I haven't had a chance to post them. We did 2 shows this past weekend as well but I didn't pick anything up at those 2.

Today's post all came from Sluggo (Kevin). First up, are the cards he pulled while doing his sorting.

First off, the White Sox cards. He pretty much only pulls oddball and recently released cards for me because I usually end up having a ton of the regular base stuff. I like the Montgomery, I have a feeling he'll be our starting shortstop by the end of the year.

I haven't decided if I'm keeping this or not. I think I'll be ditching the Anderson collection anyways. All the cards will stay in the Sox collection but I don't plan on collecting him with any other teams now that he was let go and technically, this is another team. I already had it scanned so I figured I'd show it. I do like the WBC cards.

This is my 231st card of TA.

Supposedly the Dodgers are trying to get him from us. I may still collect him if he goes somewhere else but we'll see.

This cards put my Cease collection at an even 100.

He's no longer with the Sox either but I will continue to collect him. I like him, he seems like a good guy and I love his fire when he plays.

This is only my 37th card of Hendriks, I really need to get some more.

It says this is a coin card but it doesn't really look like a coin. Not a fan of some of these manurelics, this being one of them. Glad I didn't pay anything for it.

This is my 204th card of Eloy.

Luckily he hit me up with some from the other team I like, the one that is actually doing well.

I've been getting a bunch of Haskins lately, you'll see more when I get more free days to post. 

You'll also be seeing more of Paye in the near future. I got a small stack of those last weekend as well.

Another 2023 A&G. You've seen a few of those this post. Denard made this years set so I could add another to my collection.

He sent me 2 of these Matrix cards, both former Fab Fivers. This one of our current coach (when he gets back from medical leave).

This is my 126th of Juwan.

A couple more of the other Fab Fiver and as you can see, the other Matrix. I'm not sure I knew they had sets that looked like former baseball sets but I like it.

These 2 give me 139 cards of Rose.

He also found 1 more of Franz for the PC. I wasn't sure if this was a Michigan jersey for the Michigan collection but the Jordan logo gives it away. Funny that they can put that on a card but not Michigan.

This is my 37th card of Franz.

As I said, these all came from Kevin during his sorting. My next post will also be from Kevin but they didn't come from sorting.

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