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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I almost did it

I almost did it, almost.  I was this close.  Not that you can see my fingers but put them as close together as you can without touching and that’s how close I was to buying some packs today.  I know what your thinking, but my resolution last year not to buy any packs and only spend my money on cards for my collections and I’ve done that all year.  Haven’t bought 1 single pack.

But I miss having cards to trade and since I’ve been on COMC and see how really easy it is to do, I’m thinking about starting to buy packs again.  What I can’t trade, I can sell off and buy cards for my collections on there.  I’m just so turned off of Ebay, I still purchase on there but the fees for selling have just gotten ridiculous.  Plus the pain in the ass of getting everything shipped.

I might have actually purchased something tonight had there been anything worth purchasing.  The only thing Walmart really had was 2012 Topps.  I looked at dropping $50 on a box of 2007 Artifacts but I didn’t like the size of the box for that price.  Maybe if I knew more about the set but I just couldn’t see doing that yet.

Stay tuned to see if I do.  I still have 7 or 8 more 1981 Topps posts till I’m caught up.  Plus I’m expecting a shipment from COMC on Monday hopefully so I’ll have those to show soon.

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