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Monday, February 15, 2016

January Pick-ups - Vintage Collections (1950's)

This months pick-ups come from
  1. Dennis at "Too Many Verlanders" and "Too Many Manninghams"
  2. Sluggo (my cousin)
  3. Ebay
  4. Packs (I actually bought some packs)

I've randomed and todays selections are going to the Vintage Collection (1950's).

The top card is my 3rd card from the 1956 set which I suppose isn't to bad considering I don't pay any more than .50 for the cards, or in this case, free.

The bottom card is my 4th card from the 1955 set. Both of these cards came from my cousin, they are well loved but that just adds to the charm when the cards are 60 years old.

If I owe you some PWE's from the packs I opened last month, they are going out tomorrow. I finally remembered to pick up some stamps on Saturday and when I went to put together the packages, I couldn't find the envelopes from when we moved. So today after work, I ran to Wally Hell and picked up some envelopes. They are now together, right here next to my chair, all I have to do is put them with my stuff that I take to work in the morning and drop them off in the mailbox.

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