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Friday, June 23, 2017

A White Sox Friday

I got 2 envelopes with 3 cards today. One I can't find much info on so let's start there.

This was listed as 2015 Topps Factory Set All-Star Variation SP but when I try to Google the set, I get nothing. I can find the card listed in other places, just not where it came from. I did notice if for sale on COMC for over $3 and since I only paid $.15/shipped, I'm certainly not complaining. This goes to the White Sox Collection.

I also picked this up for $.15/shipped from the same seller. Of course, you know I'm going to like this card since it looks vintage. Like I said yesterday, been grabbing Chris Sale cards like crazy since he was traded. This is my 127th card of Chris Sale and my 15th card of his picked up this year.

In the other envelope, came another White Sox card. This Paul Konerko also came to me for $.15/shipped. This is my 11th card picked up this year of Konerko and my 422nd card of Paulie. These 3 cards also make 192 cards picked up for the White Sox Collection.

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  1. http://www.beckett.com/news/2016-topps-baseball-factory-sets/ for the Abreu, there was a factory set version where all the cards featured the stamp to celebrate the All-Star Game. Love the Konerko, by the way--great player and a fantastic product/base set.