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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Angels cards & Fantasy league

angelsI sold some California, I mean, Anaheim, I mean Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, yeah, that sounds right.  I sold a few to a friend at work today.  Obviously, he’s an Angels fan but we spend a little more time together than most.  Or at least we used to.  Miguel (White Sox fan), Me (White Sox fan) and Paul (Angels fan) used to go to at least one Sox/Angels game a year up until last year, because he got all pissy about an argument.  Sometimes we’d hit the casino in Michigan City on the way, sometimes not.  It used to be a fun, guys trip.  I do miss those games.  I also one time stayed outside Chicago and went to a whole weekend series which was pretty cool.  Only time I’ve been to back to back games, let alone 3 in a row.  I love the ballpark.  We do still gamble big bucks every year.  $2 a game, sweep pays double.  I have this standing bet with a couple of Cubs fans and a Yankees fan as well.  It doesn’t even have to be mentioned before the series, it’s just a standing bet, no matter how much any of our teams suck.  Anyways back to the original reason for the post, here’s the cards I sold him.

mlb-baylor002     mlb-baylor003
mlb-bonds001     mlb-bonds002
mlb-bochte001     mlb-rojas001
Also, I never updated how my fantasy team did this week.  I play 3 different teams but I’ll only talk about the 1 here because it’s all friends and family, people that I know.  The other 2 are ran by a guy, John (Twins fan), that I know from the internet and don’t know but a few people in his leagues and the ones I do know, are from the internet, not real life.

I beat my wife (her 1st year playing) 6-4-1.  I won the Runs battle by quite a bit with some help from Joey Votto and Gordon Beckham who both had double digits for the week.  They also had double digits with Ryan Zimmerman in Hits but I lost that category to Prince Field, Dustin Pedroia, David Wright and Carlos Quintin in double digits for her.  I won Home runs by 1 with 9 different players hitting them.  My team was led in RBI’s by Chris Young but wasn’t enough to overcome Fielder and Quentin’s double digit weeks.  I beat her soundly with Stolen Bases as I had 7 different players with them,  I had 3 players batting over .300 and 1 over .400 (Votto) but that couldn’t compete with Fielder, Pedroia and Pablo Sandoval all hitting .400 or better.

We tied in Wins with 4.  I won the saves battle by 1 behind Joe Nathan and won the strikeouts behind double digits for Gavin Floyd, John Danks and Cliff Lee.  We split ERA and WHIP, even though she had Brian Wilson for a 27.00 ERA, my combined was worse, that’s pathetic.  But I pulled it out with WHIP so I guess we were almost even.

I sure most of you didn’t care, but the Sox game was early and I missed the most of the beginning and don’t care to talk about the end till I calm down so I was bored.  Sorry.  I guess those last 3 paragraphs explains why I have no followers on my blog but my wife being supportive, not sure she even reads this one being as it’s a sports blog and she doesn’t follow much sports.

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