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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ebay Auctions in/out

I ordered one of those ebay lots where you pay a certain price and your guaranteed 4 times the amount back but you don’t know what your getting. I realize they usually give you crap. But it was pretty cheap so I went for it just to see. I always buy multiple lots that way they are more likely to give you better cards for return business. That is what I did here. 10 lots. I wasn’t particularly satisfied, for one, I didn’t receive them for over 3 weeks. I expected the base and insert cards I got, I didn’t expect as many duplicates as they sent me. I got my money’s worth, or so I think. I was just expecting a little bit better.


Rocco Baldelli - 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads jersey /100 RAYS

Ebay auction # – 320686800561


Craig Biggio – 2007 Bowman Sterling refractor jersey /199 ASTROS

Ebay auction # – 320686800339


Carlos Carrasco - 2008 Bowman Sterling jersey/auto PHILLIES

Ebay auction # – 320685447870


Chris Duncan - 2009 Upper Deck jersey CARDINALS

Ebay auction # – 320686800311


Vladimir Guerrero - 2009 UD Spectrum jersey /99 ANGELS

Ebay auction # – 320686800632


Jose Duran / Brandon Hicks - 2009 Donruss Extra Edition College Ties /100 jersey TEXAS A&M

Ebay auction # – 320686800656


Torii Hunter - 2004 Playoff Honors Players Collection jersey w/stripe /50 TWINS

Ebay auction # – 320686800591


Randy Johnson - 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials jersey /145 YANKEES

Ebay auction # – 320686800528


Chipper Jones - 2008 Bowman Sterling jersey BRAVES

Ebay auction # – 320686800286


Austin Kearns - 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber bat /100 REDS

Ebay auction # – 320686800212


Javy Lopez - 2004 Upper Deck Origins jersey PUERTO RICO ORIOLES

Ebay auction # – 320686800395


Kazuo Matsui - 2008 Upper Deck game-used jersey ROCKIES

Ebay auction # – 320686800462


Rafael Palmeiro - 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber jersey /150 ORIOLES

Ebay auction # – 320686800523


Sean Rodriguez - 2003 Upper Deck Rookie jersey ANGELS

Ebay auction # – 320686800575


Tyler Stovall - 2008 Upper Deck Junior National Team 3 color patch 99/99 USA

Ebay auction # – 320686800614

I think those were apart of the lot, I had mixed them with everything else before I realized I was going to make this post. I have a feeling, some of those weren’t. All starting bids are $.99. Check them out as well as some other cards I have listed. I don’t have a link to my ebay auctions on the right side as I type this but that is my next project so maybe by the time you read this, it’ll be there.

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