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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sox vs. Royals recap

1st Inning

  • Pierre starts us off with a triple, nice.  Let’s see if we get him in, that was a big weakness last year.
  • Beckham with a nice liner of the middle to bring in Pierre.  Great start
  • Dunn walks, also nice to see.  I’m afraid he’ll be a Thome clone with a strikeout or a home.  He’s supposed to be better than that but I’m still waiting to see.
  • YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD, YEESSSSS!!!!  Paulie jacks one to make it 4-0.  Great start to the game!!!!  Still no outs.
  • Alex Rios with his first hit of the season, I said before I wasn’t worried about him.  He was just waiting to hear that I said it was ok.  lol
  • Rios stayed out of the double play by Quentin by running on the pitch.  Hit and run possibly, either way, better chance of getting another run.
  • AJ and Alexei fly and line out to finish the inning.

Royals are a good hitting team, especially against us but I expect a little more out of Gavin Floyd.  Gave up a single and then a 2 run homer to Alex Gordon.

2nd inning

  • Beckham with another single.  2-2 so far.

And Floyd gives up 2 more.  Now tied 4-4 heading into the 3rd.

Floyd pissed me off again in the 3rd.  Let a guy steal 2nd because he wasn’t even watching him.  He got out of it though, so I guess I can’t complain.

4th inning

  • Alexei draws a walk.  Let’s hope it starts us off for a few runs
  • Good job by Pierre to keep the inning alive.  Beat out the double play ball to 1st.
  • Pierre with his 1st stolen base.  But all for not.

Just saw a score.  Red Sox are losing to the Indians, could they be 0-4 after tonight.  That’s just so sad.  Hehehe

6th inning

  • Quentin starts us off with a single, let’s build on that this time.  Or as Hawk would say “don’t stop now, boys”
  • YES!!!!  Alexei hits a triple, Quentin scores.  Sox take the lead 5-4.
  • Ouch!  Nice try on the suicide squeeze but Morel strike’s out with a man on 3rd.
  • Pierre with an infield hit, Alexei scores.  6-4.

Love the Konerko “All in” commercial.  Searched on Youtube to post it here, but couldn’t find it.

Nice double play to end the inning for the Sox.

7th inning

  • Another Rios hit.  Here he comes!

Very nice double play by Alexei and his cannon arm to end the inning again.

8th inning

  • AJ leads off with a hit.
  • AJ breaks up the double play, Morel beats out the throw to 1st.

Chris Sale comes out to start the bottom of the 8th.  Floyd in line for the win.

Gives up a double, and then a homerun for the Royals to tie it up at 6-6.  The woes of the bullpen continue. 

Jesse Crain in after Sale got the 2nd out (strikeout).  Gives up a single, but ends up picking off the runner on 1st.

9th inning

3 up, 3 down for the Sox.  Crain with a diving grab off the mound to throw to 1st for the 3rd out.  Extra innings.

10th inning

3 up, 3 down for the Sox.  Santos in.  Promptly gets 2 outs, then gives up a double and hits a batter.  Then gets a strikeout for the last out.

11th inning

  • Finally a hit in extra innings.  Morel with a 2 out single.

Santos throws a 1-2-3 inning.  First one of the extra innings.  Heading to the 12th

12th inning

For the record, I hate extra innings on the road.  I’d rather have a walk off and not give them a chance to even it up.

  • Beckham with another hit to lead us off.
  • Dunn with a Fielders Choice.  Lillibridge to run for Dunn
  • Paulie walks.  2 on, 1 out.
  • Lilliebridge called safe at 3rd, then called off for being out of the baseline.  Which he wasn’t.  I thought he made the tag so can’t be to mad at the call, just at Lillibridge for getting caught out to dry in a crucial situation

Tony Pena to start the bottom of the 12th.  Gives up a leadoff single.  Sacrifice bunt to move the runner to 2nd.  And gives up a hit up the middle to lose the game.  DAMN IT!!!!

Our bullpen sucks.

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