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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thornton and the Sox

I’ve been working on getting some cards ready for ebay which is why I haven’t been around much this week.  So just gonna throw out a few thoughts.  I haven’t been able to catch all the Sox games but I always follow them with tweets and ESPN updates to my phone.


Matt Thornton

As I said in my Royals/Sox recap earlier in the week.  I wasn’t worried about Alex Rios and I’m not worried about Matt Thornton.  The first blow save he got a beat with a good pitch, it wasn’t a meatball right down the plate.  He just got beat, it happens.  That ending I saw, last night’s I didn’t, but from what I gathered, he was out there a lot longer than need be.  2 errors in the inning regardless of who’s pitching, he shouldn’t get all the blame, if any.  Rios has come around and so will Thornton.


The Sox

The offense is hot, it won’t last all year, but it should definitely should be good all year.  Even with one or two players going cold here and there, there is enough offense to carry the team.  My only concern was Brent Morel coming in and he has been playing like he belongs.  I’m curious what happens when Viciado comes back because if I recall correctly, he won the starting position before he got hurt.

I’m thinking Teahen belongs as a DH because he certainly doesn’t know how to use his glove and as a DH yesterday and today, he hit well (4-7).  Beckham is the player we all thought he was and more.  Same with Ramirez.

Starters are doing ok.  There’s been some good games and some bad games, which is typical with any starting staff.  I hear Humber was impressive today.  I like hearing that as our temporary 5th starter because the better he is, the less likely Peavy will get pushed too hard, too fast.

I’ll try to get to see the game tomorrow but we’ll see how that goes.

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