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Monday, April 4, 2011

Opening Weekend

I’m back. Now that there is no game today. I missed all 3 games this past weekend due to a trip to Virginia and oddly enough, they don’t carry White Sox games down there. I was in the car driving down there for the season opener beat down of the tribe. Just having my wife read my tweets from @whitesox, @chuckgarfien and @scottmerkin and my ESPN score updates from my phone. Sounds like I missed a great game, up until the bullpen came in that is. All our starters have the capabilities of going a full game but I certainly don’t want them to have to every game. So as of now (with no game watching experience) that’s what I see our weakness is. I know Rios isn’t doing much with the bat, but he doesn’t concern me. We know what he can do and I’ll take 1 guy starting off cold than the whole team starting cold. If you follow my tweets, then you know I tried to catch highlights on ESPN news and they didn’t show any. The 2nd game I could have watched, if it was on down there. And I got home for the final game, I turned it on right after the triple play Alexei bunted us into. But after leaving at 4am and driving 600+ miles, I don’t think I made it through a whole inning before I zonked out.

So tomorrow we play the 1st place Kansas City Royals, yeah, that just doesn’t sound right. So hopefully by the time the series is over, we will be back where we belong, on the top of the standings.

Also found this interesting over the weekend, a tweet from ex-White Sox player, Brandon McCarthy.

@B_McCarthy - Watching Buehrle's perfect game on ESPN classic. One of my favorite pitchers to watch, and this is as good as it gets

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