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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know, I've been slacking a bit in the last week or so.  My kids have been both having baseball/softball practices and Easter rolled through so I've had a little less time than normal.  My youngest daughter has a practice game Thursday and then their opening day is Saturday.  They've had a lot more practices scheduled but we've been getting a lot of rain the last few weeks.

If you follow my twitter, then you know I tryed my first online box break last week with zero results.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised considering the box I bought the slot in only had 12 cards to begin with.  I want to say it was a 2010 Topps Triple Threads. What you don't know is that I participated in a 2nd box break last weekend.  Only this time, I made sure the box had more cards to give me a better chance.  And I got a hit.  I won't tell you what it was but it should be here in the next few days and I'll be sure to scan a photo for you.  This hit came from a 2010 Topps Finest.

I've also started up a few trades with other blogs.  I was afraid I didn't have much but some traders are content with just certain teams and such.  Since I'm new to the game, I've emailed a few people about trades and they all seem to be more than willing.  So far, I've only mailed out one because I had been talking to Eric for a bit, the others I just contacted last night so my big plans for this evening (other than take my daughter to Girl Scouts) is to get some more trade packages together plus I have a few more people to contact.

I know I haven't said much about the White Sox, that would be because I have tried to not watch them lately with them losing 10 of their last 11 going into this series with the Yankees.  I still fully support them, it's just to heartbreaking to watch what should be a good team, suck so bad.  I was a little worried going into the Yankees series because I have a long standing bet with a Yankee fan here so I figured I might end up owing even more money than the last sweep pays double with the Angels fan.  But we've pulled out 2 wins in a row with them.  And what's been nice is some great defense, timely hitting, and both the starters and bullpen have looked good.  Which is the total opposite of what we've seen from the beginning of the year.  There were a couple of great plays by Brent Lillibridge to seal our win last night.  I'm going to try to find some video and post it here later.  I should probably wait until I get off work before I go searching the internet for the videos.

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