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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michigan Saturday

I’m going to try to use the “timer” on this thing and set this to post tomorrow.  We’ll see how well it works.

*Update – It didn’t work so it’s getting posted after I’ve already been to the game.  Sorry

Some of you may know, that tomorrow I’m heading up to Ann Arbor again for the Michigan/San Diego State game.  I’m looking forward to it, who wouldn’t be.  It should be a good game, I’m definitely thinking it won’t be a blow out.  My friend Frank and I are heading out at 8am, or rather, we are probably on the road as this is posting.

I love going to the Big House.  The atmosphere, the tradition, the crowd, it truly is unbelievable.  Not to mention watching my Wolverines live.

I don’t have much else to say, so let me check and see what pictures I have saved that might be post related.


HeHe.  Forgot I had that.  Can you say Oops!


Denard is a do everything QB, and apparently that includes flying.  Taylor Lewan (#77) is trying to keep him down before he flies away.

I think that’s all the pics, oh wait, one more.  From College GameDay.


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