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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fantasy Friday’s–week 2

Before I start my Fantasy Friday report, wanted to let everyone know that I now have a fan page at Facebook.  And I am now on Google+ as well.  So become a fan and a friend today.  Both links are on the right side of the page.

Here we are at week 2 in fantasy football.  And I still suck.  After scoring 93 points last week, I improved to 112.  But my wife, yeah, I lost to my wife, scored 123.  So after an 0-2 start, I’m thinking about firing my head coach.  They always take the blame for the team performance, why should fantasy be any different.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football(3)

Let’s break it down and see how bad I sucked.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football(4)

QB - I made the right call with Philip Rivers.  Chad Henne (GO BLUE!!!) only scored 19 points this week.  That was is kind of a gimme anyways.  Henne may have outscored Rivers last week and may do it again, but he’s not going to do it consistently.

WR – Being a Colts fan, it’s hard to start Reggie Wayne knowing he doesn’t really have anybody to throw him the ball.  But he had a pretty good outing last week so I started him again.  Bad move as he only scored 4 this week.  Mario Manningham (GO BLUE!!!) apparently got injured and ended up with only 3.  So a whopping 7 points from by WR’s killed me.  If you remember last week, I should have started Jordy Nelson, he had scored 11 points.  And this week, he scored 11 again.  So that mistake hurt.  I guess I should have learned my lesson last week.  I also had Mike Sims-Walker riding the pine and he scored 6 so I guess that makes 2 mistakes that cost me +10 points.

RB – I got 24 points total out of Mendenhall and Jacobs.  Which isn’t horrible but is a lot better than the 5 points I got out of Mendenhall and LeGarrette Blount last week.  I benched Blount for Jacobs this week, I just don’t know much about Blount and after last week, I benched him.  It wasn’t an easy decision, probably the toughest I made this week.  Did it pay off?  Nope.  Blount went for 2 touchdowns and ended up with 19 points.  So while the 24 points from RB was great, it could have been 33 points.  3 mistakes for +17 points.  And a win.

TE – Aaron Hernandez had another good week for the TE position.  He ended up with 10 points.  I figure as long as Brady is throwing the ball that much, he’s got to end up with some yardage and possible TD’s.  But apparently he got hurt this game because they are saying he probably won’t play this week.  I have Heath Miller on the bench who has scored 3 points total so I’m screwed.  I went ahead and used my first add/drop transaction.  Picked up a guy that has scored a couple of TD’s already this year.  Hopefully he’ll add to that this week.  I figured since I’m 0-2, I had to take a risk with this.  No mistake here this week.  Yeah!

K – My thought process on Vinatieri beat me last week.  But helped me this week as the Colts couldn’t get in the endzone until the very end of the game.  He had 4 field goals including a 50+ yarder for bonus points.  Josh Scobee only had 5 points this week so another non-mistake here. Yeah!

D – This is a gimme as my bench defense is the Colts.  So I won’t even go there with them.  Yeah!

So I ended up with 3 mistakes that cost me 17 points.  And that would have been the win.  And bragging rights in the household.  If I don’t get my team winning pretty soon I’m going to end up out of the money early.  Here was my wife’s team for the week.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football

They projected me with a 10 points win.  And that’s why you play the game, projection’s don’t mean a thing.  Here are the standing’s after 2 weeks.  Try not to laugh at me at the bottom of my division.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football - AACOA league(2)

3 teams at 2-0. 6 teams at 1-1. 3 teams at 0-2.  All 3 of us that are 0-2 all work together.  So that must be working against us.  I’ll ignore that another one from work is 2-0 and another at 1-1.  You’ll notice I’ve had 247 points scored against me, which is the highest total in the whole league, by quite a bit.  I feel bad for my brother, he scored 132 and lost by 5.  Ouch!

Will I finally get a win next week?  Will my TE add/drop pay off?  Who should I start at RB?  Should Jordy Nelson finally get a start?  Since my team name is ColtsFan4Life, am I going to mirror the Colts record all year?Stay tuned till next week.

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