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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trade from AJ

I sent some Yankees cards over to AJ of “The Lost Collector” awhile back and he had told me he didn’t have any cards for me and I told him it was fine, hit me up when you do.  That is one thing I really love about trading with fellow bloggers, they always get you back.  I don’t even make a list of my trades I send out because I know I’ll get a return package when they can get to it.  And I’ve done it in the reverse order as well, Dennis of “Too Many Grandersons” gave me a huge box of cards for my PC’s and all I had were about 20-25 cards for him.  He said it was cool, hit him back when I do.  But he hasn’t said anything about me owing him, he hasn’t hounded me or even mentioned them, in fact, he even hinted he had some more cards for me.  And that’s what I did with AJ, we had traded before so I knew he’d hit me back.  I had forgotten all about it until he e-mailed a few weeks back to let me know he hadn’t forgotten about me.  I told him it was cool, I look forward to not knowing and all of the sudden, there’s a bubble mailer in my mailbox.  Or rather, my wife hands it to me while rolling her eyes.
Here are the awesome cards he sent.
A Magglio Ordonez rookie, I liked Mags until he left demanding more money.  That always leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  But I still need his Sox cards so he’s still welcome in my team collection.  A Mike Hart numbered to /49 which would be a Colts and a former Michigan player.  More on him later.  If you look at my Photo Cleansing posts, you know I like Michael Jordan, what do I like better, Michael Jordan in a Sox uniform.  And check out the Paul Konerko rookie, he looks so young and was still a catcher.  And another Dodger Konerko.  I remember having him on some Reds cards as well when I collected before but I haven’t come across any yet for my PC.  And the first card pictures, a Chris Webber, but wait, is that a Sox player on there as well.  Let’s take a look.
It’s a Sox player, but wait, that’s Alex Rodriguez.  What is he doing in a Sox uniform?  Even the back of the card says he’s a prospect for the Seattle Mariners.  I went to baseball-reference.com and looked up his minor league record, even though he was drafted by Seattle I thought maybe he played for the Sox organization and went back to Seattle.  So after further review, I have no clue why he’s wearing the Sox uniform.  I’m telling myself that’s because he has always wanted to play for the White Sox, yeah, that sounds good.  If you know why he’s depicted in a Sox uniform, please let me know.


A Robert “Tractor” Traylor autograph from Sage.  This is a great card, I remember watching him play at Michigan and for those who hadn’t heard, he past away just a few months ago.  I had looked at picking up an autograph on ebay after his death but I figured I’d wait a bit, mainly because I’m a cheap ass.  Now I’m glad I did,  Great card for the Michigan collection.

A Mike Hart auto numbered to /99.  I really love this card, I pulled this one out and immediately showed it to my wife.  Although it doesn’t technically fit in my PC because I decided not to collect Colts cards and I only collect Michigan players in their Wolverine uniforms, I’m still keeping it.  Mike Hart was one of my favorite players when he was with the Wolverines.  Did you know he only had 3 fumbles his entire college career.  That alone is pretty impressive.  But he always seemed like a good guy and he played with everything he had.  I’ll always love guys that leave it on the field, who play their asses off, no matter what.  Mike Hart was one of those players.  And I think after receiving the 2 Mike Hart cards in the mail, that I must add a player collection of him.  How could I not, all his cards should be Colts or Michigan cards.  And he was huge at Michigan.  Lord knows, we could use another RB like him right now.
And finally, if you know AJ, he’s trying to collect this set.  I seen this card when he posted about the lots of these he had won but I never thought he’d send me one.  I really hope it was a dupe and he doesn’t have to still get one for his set collection.  As you know, I do love the vintage.  This is a 1968 Topps game card of Gary Peters.  I don’t blame AJ for going for this set, they are great looking cards.  I had run across a few searching boxes but never came across any Sox.  So this one was a definite welcome to the White Sox Collection.
So thanks again AJ, for the great trade.  And if you haven’t checked out his blog “The Lost Collector” then please do so.  He has been a great trade partner and a great blogger.

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  1. Glad you liked everything! The ARod I'd actually a pic of him in his high school uniform in Miami. I thought it was funny.

    Glad you were cool with the Harts even though they are Colts. I figured as a Michigan guy they would still be appealing.

    The Peters is a dupe, no worries there. He seems to come in every lot. Cool little cards aren't they?