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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random bits of nothing

If that post title doesn’t get you to read this, then I don’t know what will!  Yeah right!  I know, I know, I’m a slacker.  2 posts in the last week.  I should be ashamed of myself.  But I have a reason, honest!

I finally got all my for trade stuff listed into Google documents and made them public so you can view them.  They are listed under the pages, trade bait.  And I also got my player collections listed under the My Collections page.  And I spent most of one evening putting all my White Sox cards in year order as well as numerical order in their year so they are all ready to get listed in Google documents.  I just haven’t had the chance to list them yet.  So see, I’ve been busy doing card stuff.  Don’t judge me!

I have some posts in mind, a trade or 2, a few ebay purchases, a photo cleansing, plus of course, you know I’m going to have something to say about the big Michigan/Notre Dame game.  Wish I had tickets to that one.  I planned on typing out some of those tonight, but when I decided to log into Google reader, which is my first stop, I had over 300 unread posts.  Yikes!  So that took most of the evening.  Usually I read a lot of them at work in between loads but the lab guy is gone this week and I seem to be his only backup.  So I’m too busy to read, other than on breaks and I don’t get through to many on those.  But I plowed through tonight and caught up.  So I’m thinking tonight I can blame on all of you for posting all that good content that I had to read.  And yes, I typically read every post that is baseball or baseball card related.  I tend to skim other sports, football depends on my mood.  Other than Dennis’ “Too Many Grandersons” football posts because even though they are pro football, they are Michigan guys.

Congrats to me on my 50th follower!  Yeah Me!  Thanks Baseball Dad for being that guy.

My schedule for the next few days are busy, I’ll try to take the time to get something up at least so I don’t lose all of you.  Tomorrow night my son and I have Cub scouts (not Chicago Cubs, I wouldn’t torture him like that).  Friday night I have tickets to the White Sox/Indians game.  Saturday, I’m working and then in the evening, I’m getting together with my fellow Michigan family to watch the game on my brother’s big screen.  We usually get together with the fellow Notre Dame family members during this game as well but apparently, being a night game, it’s too late for them.  Pansies!

So I’ll try to be around and hopefully I’ll get some time to read yours and better yet, post something else here.

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