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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trade with Ron

Ron contacted me via email.  I don’t think he’s a blogger, just a card collector and wanted to share a bunch of Tom Seaver’s and a couple Paul Konerko’s for my collections.  Here is what he sent.

Along with mentioned Seaver’s, he sent these couple of Konerko’s.  I guess I didn’t realize how many cards he had as a Dodger.  I think I read on one of the many Dodger fans blogs that there were over 100.  And he looks so young in these too.  I certainly appreciated these as I don’t have a lot of his earlier cards.

The Tom Seaver cards were so great, I’m showing each one.
seaver01udnpt79 seaver01udcooperstown25
These both are from 2001 Upper Deck.  The first from The National Pastime set and the other from The Cooperstown Collection
seaver87toppskmart21     seaver86toppsquaker32
I pulled these cards out of the package and I showed them to my wife and explained how back in the day, kids collected cards, and they put them everywhere.  I remember buying these Kmart sets and collecting cards off of other retail products.  Post cereal, Purina, King B, Quaker. I think I remember buying licorice for cards, Hostess Twinkie’s, Quaker granola bars and cereal.  They don’t do that anymore because kids don’t collect anymore in our dying hobby.  Or at least not like they used to.  These 2 cards are both produced by Topps for Kmart (1987) and Quaker (1986).
seaver86donruss609      seaver86fleer216
1986 Donruss and Fleer.  I love the 1980’s card because that was the top of my collecting years.  I remember trying to collect the big 3 (Topps, Fleer and Donruss) and that was about all unless they came out in other products.  I love how they have more sets now, but there are so many cards for a player collector.  The really bad thing is all my player collections other than Paul Konerko, are retired, and they still get card after card in the new sets.
seaver86sportflics25     seaver85fleer526
I actually have both of these in my Tom Seaver collection but since they are both White Sox cards, they will both go to the White Sox collections so they are still needed.  1986 Sportflics and 1985 Fleer.
I believe these are from 1985 Fleer stickers.  They say Stop-Action photo’s on the back.  Of course, I scanned them in the wrong order so pretend your in a foreign country and go right to left.  I really like stickers and have been looking for this year’s stickers and my local Walmart and have yet to see them.  They have the NFL ones but I can’t find the MLB.  I need to get out to Target and see if they have them.
seaver85fleerle34      seaver84toppspurina8
Fleer put out these Limited Editions in the 1980’s.  I just gave a couple of them away during my previous contests.  I like the looks of this 1987 set as far as the bordering goes.  Kind of plain, but classy.  And a 1984 Purina by Topps.

And the final single of Tom Seaver is this 1984 Fleer.  Already a great addition to my Seaver collection.  I loved getting these cards, and it’s nice coming from a fellow Seaver collector.

But wait, there’s more.  I mentioned all the singles, but Ron sent me a whole set of Tom Seavers.
This 110 card set called Tom Terrific was produced by Pacific in 1992.  I knew about the Nolan Ryan Texas Express set put out by Pacific but I had no idea about this one.  I love this set.  I only selected 6 card fronts and I put the backs of the top 2 just to show the title.  Some of the backs have other pictures, most have details about the front of the card.  This set is hugely informative with lots of action shots.  And it goes through his whole career as a baseball player with a card.  I’ve started to scan them all but it takes forever because I want to stop and read all of them.  This was truly a great set and a great trade.  Thank you Ron.

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