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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A good post about Manny Ramirez

I named the title that way just because I didn’t want anybody to skim this post thinking it was about his newest press.  I’m sure by now, you’ve heard about Manny and his domestic dispute last week.  Last I heard, he shoved his wife and she hit her head.  Doesn’t really matter, doesn’t really surprise anyone I’m guessing.   I’m not a Manny fan by any means.  Didn’t like him when he played for the White Sox.  I didn’t mind signing him for those few months because whatever you want to say about Manny, he can hit.  Well, except when wearing a White Sox uniform apparently.  But I have a personal story that involves Manny and I figured it would be a good time to share.

Awhile back, when Manny was still with the Red Sox.  My now, ex-wife and I took my then father-in-law to his first MLB game.  He was a Yankees fan and since I couldn’t get any decent tickets for the Yankees game against the Sox, I got White Sox/Red Sox tickets figuring a Yankee fan would root for my Sox.  Between innings my ex would hold a sign that said “This is my dad’s 1st MLB game” trying to get on TV.  We were sitting in the front row on the left field line.  After a half inning where the outfielders were throwing the ball around, Manny looked over to us, held up the ball and nodded.  I nodded back and he tossed it to us.  He threw it to 1 hop us because he was out in his position.  He threw it to my father-in-law.  While he sat back and waited for it, a kid reached in front of him and grabbed it and took off.  Manny looked at us and shrugged.  My ex wanted me to go after the kid.  I told her that her dad should have gone after it, I can’t take the ball from the kid.  She was pissed but she got over it.

I just wanted to give Manny a little good press since he can’t produce any on his own.  He impressed me that day, even though he probably didn’t think nothing of it, it made our day.  I did get my father-in-law to his first Yankees game that next year.  And what was going to become an annual trip to US Cellular Field stopped after his 1st Yankee game due to his passing in a car accident.  But I am glad we got him to his first MLB game and his first Yankees game.

Thank you Manny Ramirez and just because you don’t hit baseballs anymore, doesn’t mean you can hit other things, just saying.

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