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Saturday, September 17, 2011

MS Walk and Chicago trip

There will probably be no post tomorrow.  I am heading out to Highland, IN for the Multiple Sclerosis walk I mentioned awhile ago.  After the walk, we are going to take my wife to Chicago because apparently, she has never been there.  Well technically she has, because I took her to a White Sox game last year but she’s never been downtown.  So we plan on window shopping on Michigan Ave and hitting the Navy Pier.  That’s what she has requested to do.  I get my kids back at 7pm in the evening so I assume I’ll be home fairly early but I don’t know if I’ll get around to posting something.

If you missed the previous post, click here.

Some of you donated, and that was greatly appreciated.  But I wanted to throw out one last chance to donate before we go.  If you don’t read this till later, I assume you can probably still donate.  Can’t imagine them turning down money.  If your not comfortable giving credit card info, feel free to paypal me some money (jccsst-ebay at yahoo dot com).  Otherwise, click the picture below to donate on the site.



  1. Let me get this straight--you live in Indiana, and you took your wife to the worst, and I mean WORST part of Chicago, but never to the good part? I hope the ChiSox sign Ozzie to an extension so you guys don't win anything else for another 50+ years!

  2. It's more important that I get to see live sports than she gets to shop. Just don't tell her.

    I bet you do hope we sign Ozzie. But I think he's gone. He'll be in Florida next year. I like the guy alright, but I'll be glad he's gone. I've been fed up with his mismanagement of games for awhile now.