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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trade with Indianaland

We all know what today is, we all won’t forget.  I remember every time I go to a sporting event and get scanned with a wand and have bags checked.  I remember every time I see a fire fighter or police officer.  I remember every time I hear “God Bless America”.  I remember every time I hear on the news of another soldier dying over there.  I will never forget.  I don’t need to watch countless TV programs for me to remember.  I remember, you remember, anyone who was around 10 years ago remembers.  We will never forget.  So I won’t go into where I was on that tragic day.  The best thing for all of us is to carry on.  So I will.

I’ll save my comments about the big Michigan/Notre Dame game to my weekly post about this weeks game so don’t worry. Only cards from here on out for today.

I plan on sitting down and typing up some blogs tonight so hopefully I’ll have some for this week.  Since I’ve slacked for the last couple of weeks.  I have decided to drop my Colts collection and yes, I decided that before I saw today’s game.  I just don’t have the love for professional football that I do baseball or NCAA football.  But I am going to keep my Peyton Manning’s and start a player collection.  Nothing that I will go way out of my way to fill but I do like Manning.  I like players that are just as good off the field as they are on.  So after I get blogs typed up tonight, that’ll give me time this week to add him to my player collections.

I’ll finish off today’s post with a trade post.  Darren over at “Indianaland” posted an Adam Dunn 2011 Bowman Platinum awhile back that I said that I’d be interested in.  Yeah, I know, he sucks, but he is a White Sox and I think he’ll have a great comeback next year.  I mean, could he really get any worse.  Anyways,  He sent me that and some more Sox cards for my collection.  I won’t show all the goodies he sent as a stack of them were 90’s cards that no one cares about, but I didn’t have them so they were still greatly appreciated.  Here are the other cards he did send though.


Along with the Platinum Dunn, he sent me a couple of the 2011 Allen & Ginter.  These are the only 2 I have as I’m not a big fan of the set so I haven’t bought any packs.  I also have a Konerko in my player collection but I still need one for the team collection.  Thanks Darren, your package has been shipped, or rather, re-shipped with the correct address this time.

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