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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fantasy Friday–week 3

I know you all highly anticipate my Fantasy Friday posts so let’s get started.  The questions this week, do I finally get my first win or am I still winless?  How many mistakes this week and how many points did that cost me?  I will say that I did win an award this week.  But more of that later.  The final score was -

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football(2)

What the hell is that?  51 points?  He must have benched all his starters after the last poor performances.   Let’s take a look.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football

Projected to score 102 and only scored 51, that alone should tell you what happened.  Nobody performed worth a crap.  Let’s check out what I could have done to win.

QB – Philip Rivers scored a whopping 17 points.  17 freaking points.  And he was my keeper from last year.  Chad Henne (GO BLUE!!!!) scored 25 against Cleveland.  So now he has outscored Philip Rivers 2 out of 3 weeks.  But how can I start Henne over Rivers.  I might have to soon because it’s hurt me in 2 of my 3 losses.  So from the start, 1 mistake that cost me 8 points.

WR – Reggie Wayne scored 1 point.  1 freaking point.  I don’t like starting Wayne.  I know how good he is, but when it isn’t Manning throwing you the ball, it doesn’t really how good you are if you don’t have anyone to throw you the ball.  But I didn’t have a choice this week with Manningham (GO BLUE!!!!) out with an injury.  And Jordy Nelson, who had scored 23 points the first 2 weeks, scored me 2 points.  I give him a start and you see what happens.  Question is, could I have done better?  I already said Manningham was out, but I also had Mike Sims-Walker on the bench, he scored 2.  So yes, another mistake but only for 1 point.  2 mistakes for 9 points.

RB – Blount didn’t have a horrible game, 8 points.  I don’t know much about him so I can’t complain.  Especially since he was my highest scorer from all the positions other than QB and Defense.  But Mendenhall against the Colts defense and I only get 3.  Your killing me man.  Granted the Colts D actually looked good but it helped that the Steelers O looked bad as well.  Mistakes?  Of course, Brandon Jacobs, who hasn’t done anything all year, actually put up 11 points.  So essentially, my players only like to perform well when I bench them.  I guess maybe I should keep Henne and Manningham on the bench so at least the Michigan alumni have a great season.  Doesn’t seem like I can do anything to expect more points.  3 mistakes, 17 points.

TE – I used my 1st transaction of the year to pick up Scheffler after he had a couple of great weeks.  I had to replace Aaron Hernandez who is out with injury so I didn’t have any other choice here so yeah, no mistakes.

Def – Who would have foreseen that I should have started the Colts defense when they were going against Pittsburgh.  I took Green Bay against Chicago, figured it was the obvious choice.  WRONG!!!  The Colts defense actually put up 26 points.  So another mistake for 12 points.

So in conclusion, 3 mistakes for a grand total of 29 points.  Sounds horrible, but as bad as my players have performed, I still would have lost big.  All around, just a very poor week.  Not really a damn thing I could have done.  Here is what I was up against.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football(1)

Yep, ass kicked.  I did mention I won an award.  Technically, it was the 2nd time out of 3 weeks I won this.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football - AACOA league

Yeah!  I suck.  Suck so bad, I’d think about discontinuing Fantasy Fridays, but I do enjoy dissecting myself.  And it’s my blog so too bad.  Next week I take on my brother so I could really use a win for that reason as well as I really need a win.  So until next week.

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