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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Topps Update Rack Pack

I picked up an Topps Update rack pack the other day.  As per my usual when I buy packs, never a White Sox.  But here are some of the interesting cards.


I do like the Kimball Hank Aaron, how could you not, it’s Hank Aaron.  All above are available for trade, but note, I don’t have a huge amount of cards left to give out in trades so it’ll probably be a small trade.  But if your interested, let me know.  I would like some of the sparkley Sox or even the base cards from the update set.  I don’t have any yet. 

I’ve shipped all my PC cards from my Diamond Giveaway site to myself so you’ll see those before too long here but I logged back in to see what I got with the above code card.


I’m glad it’s vintage, now I just have to flip it for a White Sox card.  I usually try to offer same year for same year.  I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.  I still have 11 other cards I’m trying to flip for other Sox cards.


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  2. i'm interested in the aaron card. looked through my stuff and only found one topps update (but its a good one) - paul konerko. if its not enough, check out my sox page at my blog and see if something else catches your eye..