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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #58


Yesterday, we finished with the player collections.  Today we start (and finish) with the White Sox team set pick-ups.  From newest to oldest.


2014 Topps – Alexei Ramirez, Dayan Viciedo, Matt Lindstrom, Hector Santiago, Josh Phegley, Jeff Keppinger, Jose Quintana, Erik Johnson and Andre Rienzo

This is the whole series I team set, minus the Chris Sale because it goes to the Chris Sale collection and now I need to pick one up for the team collection.  I grabbed this whole lot for $2.28 for 10 cards which equals out to $.23 a card so it was still under budget.


Dayan Viciedo – 2013 Topps

Um, I have no record of purchasing this card.  I went all the way back to November of last year and couldn’t find it.  I promise that I got it for under $.29.

Somehow, I didn’t win and other newer cards so let’s get to the vintage portion of todays post.


1972 Topps – Wilbur Wood

I already had one of these in the Wilbur Wood collection so I grabbed this copy to go in the White Sox collection.  I actually picked up a 3 card lot of 1972 cards so the other 2 go to the Vintage collection.  I paid $.79 for the lot, which equals to $.26 each.


John Buzhardt – 1966 Topps

I grabbed this card for $.30.  It helps with that team set but I still need a bunch of cards, so it didn’t help much.  I’m not going to turn down a 60’s card for under the cost of a stamp though.


Eddie Fisher – 1964 Topps

Ditto with this card, I still need a bunch for this years team but again, a 60’s card for $.29.  You can’t really beat that, it’s essentially a quarter box find.

That completes all the cards I got for the White Sox collection.  Come back tomorrow as we start with the Vintage collection pick-ups.


Here’s the rundown on how much I’ve paid and to which collection so far in the Cheaper Than Stamps series.

Player Collections

Barry Larkin (9) $1.32 – $.15/card
Bill Melton (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Cal Ripken jr (29) $5.79 – $.20/card
Carl Yastrzemski (8) $3.07 – $.38/card
Carlton Fisk (2) $.66 – $.33/card
Chris Getz (5) $1.89 – $.38/card
Chris Sale (2) $.52 - $.26/card
Gary Carter (14) $2.17 – $.16/card
Hoyt Wilhelm (4) $1.25 – $.31/card
Jim Abbott (8) $2.33 – $.29/card
Johnny Bench (8) $2.05 – $.26/card
Mark Buehrle (3) $.71 – $.23/card
Michael Jordan (13) $1.91 – $.25/card
Mike Schmidt (8) $2.27 – $.28/card
Paul Konerko (4) $.99 – $.25/card
Ryan Zimmerman (14) $3.56 – $.25/card
Shoeless Joe Jackson (1) $.15 – $.15/card
Steve Carlton (6) $1.57 – $.26/card
Tom Seaver (6) $1.44 – $.24/card

Vintage Collections

1980's (276) $40.67 – $.15/card
1970's (21) $5.13 – $.24/card
1960's (8) $2.23 – $.28/card

Team Collections

White Sox (22) $4.31 – $.20/card

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  1. I got you covered on the 2014 Sale. Just put one in the box I have aside for you.