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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday–2x3 Heroes week

Tuesday – Team collectionsWednesday – Vintage collection (80’s).  Thursday – Vintage collection (70’s).  Friday – Player collections.

2 by 3 Heroes week continues with todays Vintage collection hook-ups.  The majority of what Jeff sent me were for the vintage collection.


1987 Topps – lots and lots of Topps

I know these don’t look like much to you but it was awesome to see this many cards that I needed.  It actually put the 1987 Topps set at 49.75% completed.  With a few more that I got on Ebay, that set is now over 50% which makes the 3rd set of the vintage collection to reach that mark, the other 2 are the (1981 Topps set and the 1973 Topps set).


1986 Fleer – Danny Jackson and Tim Stoddard

A couple of 1986 Fleer, which I love seeing.  I might have mentioned how much I like the 80’s fleer sets.


1986 Topps – a bunch including Don Mattingly and a Pete Rose.

1986 is my 5th closest set completed in the vintage collection but it’s only at 13.26% completed so all of these definitely helped.  Especially with a Hall of Famer and a should be Hall of Famer.


1985 Donruss – Rick Manning and Matt Young

A couple of 1985 Donruss that puts that set over 2% completed.  I have a little ways to go.


1985 Fleer – Tim Flannery and Larry Milbourne

This set is under 2% completed but more fleer, yeah!


1985 Topps – lots of cards

Now all of these 1985 cards were pretty awesome, as boring as this set can be, I always liked it.  All of these cards put it at over 11% completed.


1984 Donruss – Tim Foli          1984 Fleer – Mike Vail

The Donruss card puts that set at 5.61% completed because I’ve gotten some of those through those 5 card lots.  The Fleer puts that set at 2.12% as I don’t have many of those.


1984 Topps – You might recognize a couple of the names up there.

These 14 cards put me at just below 10% on the set.  Definitely a couple of big names up there with Rod Carew and Dale Murphy.


1983 Fleer – Champ Summers, John Butcher, Guy Sularz, Bob Watson, Don Aase and Jim Wohlford

Have I mentioned how much I love the fleer sets.  These cards put me over 3%.  I was looking at my have list and was thinking maybe I like the fleer sets because they are numbered by teams.  I noticed that because I saw the 3 San Francisco Giants cards all lined up.  I knew they did it, I had just forgotten they did.


1983 Topps – Mike Scioscia

1 card from the Topps set but it’s a pretty good catcher in his day and a pretty good manager now.


1982 Donruss – Enrique Romo, Tom Underwood, Claudell Washington, Doyle Alexander, Bob Forsch, Gary Lavelle and Marty Bystrom

These 7 cards put me at 30 for the set, which is equal to 4.55% completed.  2 more Giants cards, maybe Jeff has some love for them too.


1982 Fleer – Jack Clark, Larry Bradford and Ken Forsch

I love the fleer, although the pic of Clark is kind of funny considering he’s taking a strike.  Not exactly a flattering pose.


1982 Topps – Damaso Garcia, John Montefusco and Mike LaCoss

These 3 cards from the hockey stick set puts me at just over 4% on the set.  I’m not sure why but when I see this set, I always picture a Toronto Blue Jay.


1981 Donruss – 15 different cards.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that you sent me 4 Chicago Cubs (5 if you include the Martin where he’s in a Cubs uniform).  Your lucky I still need these for the sets.  These 15 cards over doubled the set from what I had.  It now stands at 4.3% completed.


1981 Fleer – Bill Madlock, Fred Norman, Larry Christenson, Steve Kemp, Bill North and Harry Spilman

These 6 fleer cards put me at 10 cards for the set.  I didn’t have too many, 4 to be exact, but I’m over 1.5% now.  I have a little ways to go.


1981 Topps – Randy Moffitt

Here, Jeff hit another set with over 50%.  Of course, I’ve been working on it for a lot longer.  This card is my 515th card of the set for just under 71% of the set.


1980 Topps – Roger Freed

The last set of the 80’s for today.  This 1 card is my 36th of the set for just under 5%.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see all the cards that Jeff sent me from the 1970s and go check out his blog at 2 by 3 Heroes.

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  1. a) You did mention your love of Fleer. That's why I starting adding them to the boxes I send.

    b) You would be surprised the number of Giants I pull from the 100 count repack rack packs. If I get any team, it seems to be them. Or the Brewers. Too many of them