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Monday, March 3, 2014

Completed team set

I got contacted a few weeks ago from Tony that said he had a few cards for me.  Turns out, Tony has a blog that he has started.  So after checking it out, and emailing back and forth, he still wanted to send me cards even though I told I may not be able to return the favor.  Not only did he send me some cards, but he sent everything I needed to complete my 1984 Topps Chicago White Sox team set.


It’s my first completed team set in a long time.  Doesn’t help I don’t buy much for them but still Tony hooked me up.  I’m even going to go through the few cards I do have and hope I have some Milwaukee Brewers to send him.  I would think I’d have something he wants.  Be sure to check out Tony’s relatively new blog at “Off Hiatus Baseball Cards”.  He’s a couple of months in but still going strong.

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