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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday–2x3 Heroes week

Tuesday – Team collectionsWednesday – Vintage collection (80’s)Thursday – Vintage collection (70’s).  Friday – Player collections.

As you can tell by the text above, today is reserved for the 1970’s cards that Jeff from “2 by 3 Heroes” sent me for the Vintage collection so let’s get to it.


1979 Topps – Enrique Romo and Victory leaders (Ron Guidry and Gaylord Perry)

These 2 cards put me at 24 total for the set which is 3.31% completed.  I always enjoyed the team leaders cards when I was a kid, they were older cards plus they usually had awesome players on them.


1978 Topps – Rowland Office, Steve Rogers, Bill Fahey, Tim Nordbrook, Jim Kern, Billy Hunter, Wayne Garrett, Paul Reuschel and Ron Hodges.

I’ve always liked this set because I enjoy the cursive for the team names.  Love the powder blues on the Toronto Blue Jays and I always enjoy Montreal Expos cards and he sent me 2.  As a kid, I loved the manager cards because a lot of times they were ex-players who I collected so it was more cards of them to collect.  Of course, now a days, you get a ton of those kinds of cards with all the different sets.

These 9 cards put me at 62 cards for the set which is good for 8.54% of the set.


1977 Topps – Johnny Oates, Rod Gilbreath, Freddie Patek and Barry Foote

More powder blues and another Expo.  I like the classic Atlanta Braves uniforms as well.  These 4 cards put me at 23 cards and 3.48% for the set.


1976 Topps – Rick Austin, Don Hood, Houston Astros team, Fred Stanley and Dave Kingman

Was never a huge fan of this set (or 1975) because of all the oddball colors on it.  I love them because they are vintage, but the design is lost on me.  I do, however, love the team cards they used to do in the vintage sets and I’m definitely a fan of the Dave Kingman card as I collected him as a kid (I was a New York Mets fan, shhhh!)

These 5 cards put me at 135 for this set and a 20.45% completion.


1972 Topps – checklist

Last but not least, a checklist from the 1972 Topps set.  I know your thinking well that wasn’t an exciting finish, but it is for me.  I love picking these up in trades because it means I won’t have to purchase them later.  I mean, who really wants to pay money for a checklist, even if it is old.

This card gives me at 16 cards which is 2.03% of the set.

This concludes the vintage portion of the cards that Jeff sent me.  Come back tomorrow for the conclusion which will all be PC players.  While you’re waiting for that post, go on over to 2 by 3 Heroes and check out his blog.

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