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Monday, March 10, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #47


We left off with our January vintage collection purchases, let’s look at what I got for the White Sox collection before we start with our February purchases.


Jordan Danks – 2013 Topps

I believe I have the series I part completed but this was the first from series II.  I grabbed this for $.11/shipped.


Paul Konerko – 2000 Topps

I grabbed this for $.20.  I already have it in the Paul Konerko collection so it goes over to the White Sox collection.  The sad part is I probably looked over it doing my Paul Konerko searches not even thinking that it could go in the team sets until I intentionally searched for White Sox cards and it popped up.  This brings that team set down to 3 cards.


1993 Donruss – Alex Fernandez and Steve Sax

I picked both of these up for $.11 each.  I still need 14 card for this set.


Frank Thomas – 1992 Topps

I got this card for free, that’s right, free.  I have a couple of sellers that package using other cards and for once, it was actually a card I could use.  Usually it’s a NBA card or later junk wax so I can’t even use it on my vintage collection.  I still need 23 cards for this set.


1986 Donruss – Daryl Boston and Bryan Little

I picked up the Little for $.11 and the Boston for $.29.  These 2 cards still bring me down to 21 cards to complete the set.


Daryl Boston – 1985 Donruss

This is a card I picked up in the 5 cards lots for the vintage collection.  I paid $.30 for the lot which equals out to $.06 each so this card was $.06.  I still need 23 cards for this set,


Here’s the rundown on how much I’ve paid and to which collection so far in the Cheaper Than Stamps series.

Player Collections

Barry Larkin (7) $.82 – $.12/card
Bill Melton (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Cal Ripken jr (26) $5.12 – $.20/card
Carl Yastrzemski (8) $3.07 – $.38/card
Carlton Fisk (2) $.66 – $.33/card
Chris Getz (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Gary Carter (12) $2.07 – $.17/card
Hoyt Wilhelm (4) $1.25 – $.31/card
Jim Abbott (8) $2.33 – $.29/card
Johnny Bench (8) $2.05 – $.26/card
Mark Buehrle (2) $.45 – $.23/card
Michael Jordan (13) $1.91 – $.25/card
Mike Schmidt (7) $1.97 – $.28/card
Paul Konerko (3) $.70 – $.23/card
Ryan Zimmerman (10) $2.65 – $.27/card
Shoeless Joe Jackson (1) $.15 – $.15/card
Steve Carlton (4) $1.14 – $.29/card
Tom Seaver (6) $1.44 – $.24/card

Vintage Collections

1980's (276) $40.67 – $.15/card
1970's (21) $5.13 – $.24/card
1960's (8) $2.23 – $.28/card

Team Collections

White Sox (9) $1.33 – $.15/card

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