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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #59


Today we start with the February vintage collection pick-ups.  Of course, we’ll be starting our March pick-ups in a few days because it’s almost April already.


1987 Topps – Rick Mahler, Rob Wilfong and John Henry Johnson

I know, the exciting 1987 Topps.  They are perfect for the Cheaper Than Stamps posts because they are cheap.  Now that this set is over 50%, I moved the want list to it’s own page and added a daily search on Ebay for them so you’ll probably end up seeing even more.  I picked up the Mahler and Wilfong for $.11/each and the Johnson for $.12.


1987 Topps – Johnny Ray, Keith Moreland and Cecilio Guante

I grabbed the Ray for $.06, the Moreland for $.21 and the Guante for $.11.  I remember Moreland really well as my whole neighborhood were Chicago Cubs fans so we watched them on WGN all the time.


1987 Topps – Zane Smith, Larry Sheets and Jerry Reuss

The Smith was $.12, the Sheets for $.16 and the Reuss for $.06


1987 Topps – Chico Walker and Dave Parker

Even though I watched Cubs games, I don’t remember seeing Chico Walker.  I remember his cards but don’t really remember hearing his name.  Dave Parker on the other hand, was a big star at the end of his career.  I believe I had a player collection of him back in the day.  I grabbed the Walker for $.16 and the Parker for $.15.

I’m only going to do 1987 with this post, tomorrow you’ll see the rest of the 80’s and Monday (the last day of March) will be the last of the February pick-ups, the 70’s.


Here’s the rundown on how much I’ve paid and to which collection so far in the Cheaper Than Stamps series.

Player Collections

Barry Larkin (9) $1.32 – $.15/card
Bill Melton (4) $1.60 – $.40/card
Cal Ripken jr (29) $5.79 – $.20/card
Carl Yastrzemski (8) $3.07 – $.38/card
Carlton Fisk (2) $.66 – $.33/card
Chris Getz (5) $1.89 – $.38/card
Chris Sale (2) $.52 - $.26/card
Gary Carter (14) $2.17 – $.16/card
Hoyt Wilhelm (4) $1.25 – $.31/card
Jim Abbott (8) $2.33 – $.29/card
Johnny Bench (8) $2.05 – $.26/card
Mark Buehrle (3) $.71 – $.23/card
Michael Jordan (13) $1.91 – $.25/card
Mike Schmidt (8) $2.27 – $.28/card
Paul Konerko (4) $.99 – $.25/card
Ryan Zimmerman (14) $3.56 – $.25/card
Shoeless Joe Jackson (1) $.15 – $.15/card
Steve Carlton (6) $1.57 – $.26/card
Tom Seaver (6) $1.44 – $.24/card

Vintage Collections

1980's (287) $42.15 – $.15/card
1970's (21) $5.13 – $.24/card
1960's (8) $2.23 – $.28/card

Team Collections

White Sox (22) $4.31 – $.20/card

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  1. I was going to send Keith Moreland a card to sign but never got around to it. Maybe I can find a Ron Coomer card.