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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Random PC Cards #42


The player collections have been randomed along with all my memorabilia and autographed cards.  Here are the next 5 random cards.


Mark Buehrle – 2003 Upper Deck #210


Tom Seaver1981 Topps Scratch-Offs


Tom Seaver – 2009 TriStar Obak #39


Tom Seaver – 1992 Pacific Tom Terrific #20


Marquise Walker – 2002 Topps Debut All-Star Material relic #AM-MW


The collections that can be represented are the following.  Tier 1 are my main concentration and Tier 2 and 3, I’ll pick up here and there after I start buying cards again.

Player Collections

Tier 1 - Paul Konerko collection, Luis Aparicio collection, Billy Williams collection, Tom Seaver collection, Dave Dravecky collection, Mike Hart collection.

Tier 2 – Jim Abbott collection, Mark Buehrle collection, Joe Crede collection, Carlton Fisk collection, Chris Getz collection, Shoeless Joe Jackson collection, Michael Jordan collection, Barry Larkin collection, Bill Melton collection, AJ Pierzynski collection, Chris Sale collection.

Tier 3 – Johnny Bench collection, Steve Carlton collection, Gary Carter collection, Cal Ripken jr collection, Mike Schmidt collection, Hoyt Wilhelm collection, Wilbur Wood collection, Carl Yastrzemski collection,Ryan Zimmerman collection.

Team Collections

White Sox Collection – All Topps, Fleer, Donruss and Upper Deck team sets.  All relic or autograph cards as well. (only autos and relics are included in the random pc posts).

Michigan Collection – All Michigan players in their maize and blue uniforms.  All relic or autograph cards as well.  (only autos and relics are included in the random pc posts).

Number of cards posted per collection.

  1. Tom Seaver collection – 27 cards
  2. Paul Konerko collection – 12 cards
  3. Mark Buehrle collection – 9 cards
  4. White Sox collection – 8 cards   
  5. Carlton Fisk collection – 4 cards
  6. Michigan Wolverines collection – 4 cards 
  7. Billy Williams collection – 3 cards
  8. Dave Dravecky collection – 3 cards
  9. AJ Pierzynski collection – 3 cards
  10. Luis Aparicio collection – 2 cards
  11. Barry Larkin collection – 2 cards
  12. Joe Crede collection – 2 cards
  13. Chris Sale collection – 2 card
  14. Wilbur Wood collection – 1 card
  15. Michael Jordan collection – 1 card
  16. Steve Carlton collection – 1 card

* note – the White Sox collection and the Michigan collection only have the relic and auto cards inserted into the Random PC card posts.

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  1. Love the Walker relic (obviously)--it more than makes up for the ugly Pacific Seaver! That UD Buehrle with him holding the bat is amazing too.