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Thursday, October 15, 2020

More than cards

If you remember a couple of posts ago, I said Jeff of 2x3 Heroes sent a huge package. Part of the reason it was huge was because he sent a lot more than just cards. While I'm going to show you a few of those items today, it certainly isn't all he sent. There's a couple more but they are mixed in on other posts.

First off he sent me a couple of cups, they might be tumblers, I don't know but they come at a perfect time. I have moved my card room as my daughter moved out and I'm looking for stuff to fill shelves so guess where these are going.

He also sent this sticker of Chris Sale from the Sox Kids Club. I remember signing up for all kinds of free stuff with all the teams when I was a kid. The whole page is like an 8x10, I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet.

Finally, he also sent this pocket schedule. These are those kinds of things that I wish I would have kept growing up. I didn't even think of them as collectibles. Last time he sent me a package he had included a couple of modern pocket schedules that I enjoyed but I really like this one. As you can tell, it's from 1990 which is the last year of Comiskey park.

While this is no where near everything he sent me, I still wanted to give him a shout out for this "extra" stuff. I really enjoyed it and the stuff above wasn't the best of it.


  1. Nice-looking souvenirs cups! I have a few Dodgers souvenir cups that I use for stationary supplies.

  2. A few years ago, I did a project where my students wrote letters to their favorite sports teams and the White Sox were one of only ten to fifteen teams (across the 4 major sports) that responded.

  3. I have a stack of those cups because someone my wife knows went to some group outing a couple years ago and I have 8. Well - now I have 6. All unused. That Sale sticker was from the kids club. It's Sale - he's a PC of yours. I don't remember where the pocket schedule came from, but it's a dupe, so now we each have one.


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