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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Box Break–Community Gum

Community Gum had another great box break.  He kept the Frank Thomas cards for himself but that was cool because I had a crap load of them anyways. It was an all Upper Deck box break so let’s get to the loot.


A couple of Jim Thome’s from 2007 UD Elements.  The one on the right is sort of see through which you can’t really see in the scan.


6 new 2006 UD First Pitch.  I like the Mark Buehrle, but that’s more because I like Mark Buehrle.


Some 2003 UD Victory.  3 Paul Konerko’s.  I showed the duplicate’s because one will go in the White Sox Collection and the bottom 2 will go in the Paul Konerko Collection.  I received all great players from that set.


2002 UD 40 man.  A couple of Kenny Lofton’s and a couple of rookies.  Jon Rauch was supposed to be one of our top pitchers but never quite got there.


And some 1999 UD Retro.  I’m not sure if Community Gum already had that Frank Thomas or it slipped through his fingers.  Either or, he must have felt bad for taking the others because he also sent me these that are new to the White Sox Collection.


I could have sworn I had the Gypsy Queen but it was still on my list.  I thought I had the team set.  I’ll know for sure when I eventually get around to putting them away.

Thanks for the break and for the bonus Thomas’.  Be sure to check out “Community Gum” for box breaks and much more.

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