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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Alrighty, here is the deal.  If you haven’t read “Am I leaving?” then you’ll be lost but that’s ok.  Considering only 3 people actually commented, I’m guessing most of you don’t care one way or the other.  But I like the idea I came up with and would have done this earlier had I thought of it.

What did I do you ask?  I set up a duplicate blog on Wordpress.  I had been thinking about actually moving to Wordpress because of the issues but when Ana Lu and Matt of “DocHoloday” informed me there was a tool that would import my blog over, I checked it out.  I was afraid I would lose a bunch of people jumping ship so I decided just to do a duplicate blog over there.  So you can follow me here at Blogger or Wordpress.  I’m still messing around over there so it’s not a definite finished product yet but it’s enough to get started.  All my posts are over there now.

I know what your thinking, that’s more time you have to spend typing out posts or at the minimum, copy and pasting.  Nope to both.  When I type up my posts, I use Windows Live Writer.  It was already on my computer when I bought it and I love it.  I really hate typing out a post on Blogger and I don’t understand how the rest of you do it.  Windows Live Writer gives me so many more options.  One of those options is after I hit send to go to my Blogger “My Sports Obsession”, I just change the destination and hit send and it will go to my Wordpress “My Sports Obsession”.  That’s it.  If you want to know more about the Live Writer then ask away but I’m not going into all that now.

Another positive to this is I can comment on other Wordpress blogs without having to type in all my info every time.  And other Wordpress bloggers can do the same.  This would be a stupid idea if I was truly worried about my stats but I don’t blog for the stats, I blog for the love of doing so.

Those of you who haven’t had a problem can continue doing what your doing.  If you have been clicking through the warning all the time, set up to the Wordpress blog and no extra clicking.  All posts will be the same on both blogs so no need to follow both unless you really want to.

And since this is a test post going to both blogs, I need to throw up a picture and make sure that works as well.  Let’s see what I have on my computer.


That’ll work.  See you here or there, or everywhere.

Blogger – mysportsandsportscards.blogspot.com

Wordpress – mysportsobsession.wordpress.com


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, and thanks for the package. I have it scanned, just haven't had a chance to type it up.

  2. you mean windows makes something that is not only easy to use... but it works as well??????

    1. That would be why I use Chrome in the first place, I hate Windows. But the writer is great, it's about the only product I would endorse from them.

  3. Well, I'll read your blog wherever it is. You may post a lot of ugly White Sox stuff, but I like Konerko and Thome, and I always like seeing your vintage pickups. And you're still always welcome over at TMM.

    1. I figured most followers wouldn't, I suckered most of them over with a contest, half of them probably don't follow on a regular basis. Your just being nice because you know I have some cards for you.

  4. I'm not just being nice, just being lazy about commenting. I'll read whereever you end up posting. Can I get one of those pics with a Rangers theme?

  5. Windows Live Writer I didn't know about that thing...But it seem like a useful tool.

    Already visited your duplicate at wordpress. Nice layout.

  6. Well done sir, glad WP worked out for you. If you ever have any question about it, just let me know, it's actually my day job (admin/webmaster for websites).