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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sluggo is at it again

My cousin picks up boxes of cards from guys looking to unload their cards in bulk.  He gets them on the cheap, some base, sometimes lots of relics or autos.  He always goes through and sends me a bunch for my collections.  Stuff he can’t get rid of and sometimes he just likes to surprise me.  I received a box a few months ago and then another about a month after that.  As per my usual, I’m been sitting on them because I was too lazy to scan the cards.


He sent me all kinds of newer stuff.  I don’t know what year the Gordon Beckham is, but it was cool looking.  I only assume it is newer.  Everything is for sure the last couple of years.


A few older cards that I needed,  It might even be my first 1984 fleer, might as well be Carlton Fisk.


A whole slew of Frank Thomas cards.  I should count how many cards I have of him.  I bet it’s more than anybody in my player collections.


The above and below are all duplicates to my other collections but they all fit into my Vintage collection.


As you can tell, he knows I collect Tom Seaver.  While he sent all of the above for that collection, they ended up in the Vintage collection.  But he still hit me with these.


All of these weren’t duplicates and are heading for the Tom Seaver Collection binder.  Lots of great stuff there.


You didn’t think with all the White Sox cards he sent that he wouldn’t manage to it the Paul Konerko Collection did you?  Now who was the other Chicago White Sox player I collect.


That’s right, he even sent me these Luis Aparicio for that Player Collection.  Sluggo is the man.

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Autograph ALEXEI RAMIREZ Auto #165 - eBay

And Sluggo surprised me with this cad.  I’ve been looking to get an Alexei Ramirez auto and here he saved me the trouble.  Love this card.  Big kudo’s to Kevin for this card.

He even sent me some Michigan cards, and coming from a Notre Dame fan that mean’s a lot that he didn’t burn them and just send me ashes.  If you want to see those, check out my post over at “Too Many Manninghams”, click here to go directly to the post.

Thanks again Sluggo, you’re a gentleman and a scholar.  Ok, a hillbilly and family, same thing.

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  1. If you are talking about the red/white/blue 3D Beckham, that baby is from 2010 Topps base. I have that same card.