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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Box Break–Toddfather

First off, a big shout out to “DocHoloday” for helping with the stupid Malware issue, it is now fixed (I think).  I’ll still keep the Wordpress site for now, just to make sure.  If I get enough attention over there, I may keep it anyways.  Thanks for taking the time Matt, it was greatly appreciated.  Now, on to the post.

Tim over at “Home of the Toddfather” had a box break that hooked me up with some more 2012 cards.  Which I needed being as I haven’t bought a pack this year.  I say that a lot, because I’m pretty proud of it.


Some Update as well as some Pro Debut.  I got excited to show my wife the Bristol Sox cards since she lived in Bristol for 20 years and when I visited her, we went to a game.  All of these are new to the White Sox Collection.


Some new inserts and a Topps Chrome of Adam Dunn.  I dig the Carlton Fisk but then again, I like the uniforms.


And of course, a couple for the Paul Konerko Collection.  This break was right up my alley since I didn’t have much in 2012 cards.  Anything I do have, I have from trades or other box breaks.

Thanks Tim, I for one, enjoyed your first ever box break.  Be sure to check out “Home of the Toddfather” and show Tim some love.

P.S.  I got the Chicago Cubs for my son as well, but nobody really wants to see those.

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