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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trade with Sluggo

My cousin and I have sent cards back and forth before.  He purchases cards all the time and send some of his good luck my way some days.


Lots of White Sox stars first year cards.  I’d say rookies but I’m not sure if there was a fleer Robin Ventura in the 1989 set and I’m too lazy to look.  I know there was a Topps.  I was surprised I didn’t have the Frank Thomas rookie.  And I don’t want to know about the Sammy Sosa.  Not a big fan of his, but it’s a Sox card, so I needed it.


He sent me a bunch of cards but I highlighted these because they were cool.  Always love a Michael Jordan in a Sox or in this case, a minor league Sox uniform.  The Carlton Fisk is a fan favorites but the 1983 Topps has memories for me.  I don’t remember what the one on the right is because I scanned these a few weeks ago.  But it scanned beautifully, it’s some kind of a holographic card.  I’ve seen team logos with 1991 Upper Deck like these but not actual player cards.


Lots of 2012’s that I needed.  I’ll have to look and see if any of these complete any team sets.


He even hit my Tom Seaver collection with these 2 cards.  Not sure what the Front Row series is, but they are cards and that’s all that matters to me.


He also sent this purple refractor for my Paul Konerko collection.  I know I’m slow but the Topps Chrome really are growing on me.  I used to just see them as a copy of the flagship, but I’m really starting to like them now.  The colored refractors make them even better, except that it’s that many more cards that I have to get for my collections.

Thanks sluggo, I’d direct you to his blog, but I can’t get his lazy ass to start one.  That’s too bad because he comes across some great cards that he could be sharing with all of us.

I also got some Michigan Wolverines cards from Kevin (that’s his real name), you can check those out over at “Too Many Manninghams”, or you can click here to go directly to the post.

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