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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Completed Team Sets–1991 Fleer


Exciting stuff here, huh?  I know 1991 Fleer is about as ugly as they come.  But I had been one card short of the team set for awhile.  That is until I received a package from fellow White Sox fan Jeff of “2 by 3 Heroes” and if I remember right, he completed a couple of sets for me.


I guess at least they used action shots, think how bad this set would have been if they were all spring training head shots, yikes.


It’s a decent set for good players, Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Guillen, Jack McDowell, Bobby Thigpen, Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura.  I won’t mention Sammy Sosa.  Plus you can’t go wrong with a logo sticker.  When I was a kid, I had these stuck all over everything.


  1. Nice! I'm actually one of the few that really like this set. Congrats!

    1. I think there are more of us than you think. It's time we came out of the closet and told the world what a great looking set it really is!

  2. My 2 sons got started collecting the 90 & 91 Donruss, and the 91 Fleer. I can remember the living room floor was a sea of red, yellow, and blue.

  3. '91 Fleer was the first pack I ever ripped, so I love that set! I feel like I've seen a few other posts where bloggers admit that they don't mind it that much. The cards of Fisk and Guillen are probably my favorites. I'm not hardcore enough to collect all of the Padres team sets, but I made sure that '91 Fleer was one of the first ones that I completed.

  4. The Pope looks like he weighs about 101 pounds soaking wet.