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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cards from overseas

Ryan over at “This Card is Cool” and “Cardboard Zoo” who is currently working in Japan decided to share his love for Japanese baseball cards with some of those in the states.  I’ve seen other bloggers post their packages and since I’m a little slow, here is mine.


These are pretty cool and they do a good job with everything.  I like the looks and backgrounds.  I guess I always though cards from over there would be cheap looking and that is so not the case.  Good cardboard stock and design as well.  So I’m definitely glad he sent these.

For the record the top row is 2005, 2000 and then a stack of 2012 Calbee.  And the bottom cards are 2008-2010 Baseball Magazine


I guess I should have shown a standard card besides these so you could see they are a little smaller than most but not by much.  With the stuff listed at the bottom, I wonder if they aren’t game pieces of some kind.  Like the MLB Showdown cards were.  And they are all from Konami, I’m not big into video games but I want to say they make games.  The ones above are from 2007-2009.


I really like these and think it’s a great idea for set.  Olympic posters.  The top left one seems to be a Worlds Fair poster so I’m not sure if it comes from the same set.  The scan doesn’t justify the one on the bottom right.  It’s very shiny and reflective.  These were really cool.


And I really liked this card, does anyone recognize the player?  Tadahito Iguchi was the Chicago White Sox 2nd baseman in their championship year of 2005  This card is a 2009 so he didn’t last long in the MLB but he was instrumental to that championship and the Sox don’t win it all without the 1-2 punch of Scott Podsednik and Iguchi.

Thanks Ryan for the cards, they were very educational and fun to go through.

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