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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trade with Dennis

Before I get to the trade post, I wanted to let everyone know if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve changed my address as in set up a new account.  I’m going to use the original Twitter for my Random Thoughts From A Random Guy blog as well as my personal account.  So you can still feel free to follow it, but the My Sports Obsession Twitter account is now @sportobsession6 so go on over there and check it out.  This way my followers for each blog don’t get tweets they don’t care about.  My family won’t have to ignore on the sports tweets.

Dennis of “Too Many (Insert Tigers player here)” and I got together last weekend for a real quick in person trade.  I was in Ann Arbor heading up for my annual Michigan game.  This year I got tickets for the Iowa game, mainly because my other 2 options were on weekends I worked.  But I met Dennis a few exits before the exit for the stadium so he could avoid the traffic and I could go straight to the game.  It worked out pretty well.  I handed him a couple of cards I think he liked and he gave me a stack as well.  Dennis always thinks of my kids (he met them last year at the Fan Appreciation Day).  He gave me a stack of Chicago Cubs cards to go to Trevor, and he brought a styrofoam wand that had a light in it for Samantha.  He had gotten it the night before at the ND/Michigan hockey game.  She loved it, so much I had to take it away the first night she had it because she wouldn’t stop playing with it when she was supposed to be going to bed.  But here’s what he sent me.


All of the above were new to the White Sox Collection.  Bowman is such a pain in the ass set to collect so I’m always happy to get them in trades so I don’t have to mess with finding them.


Dennis always tells me about a vintage guy he has at one of his shows and one of these times I’m going to get up there to see him for myself.  I loved these cards.  And even getting 2 of the team card works out because I can put 1 of them in the Vintage Collection.

 trade-dennis03     trade-dennis08

The Clayton Richard card twice as good as the other Sox cards because he is a Michigan man.  This also was numbered and I assume a rookie card.  The more Michael Jordan cards I get with him playing baseball, the more I think about starting a player collection of his.  Just baseball because they would all be Chicago White Sox uniforms or at least in the organization.

trade-dennis07He even managed to hit a couple of my player collections.  He hit the Paul Konerko collection with this Bowman card.  I thought I had this when I first saw it but I have the chrome version and that’s what confused me.


I really liked this well loved card for the Luis Aparicio Collection.  You can never go wrong with vintage White Sox but you just make it awesome when it’s Luis Aparicio.


He also hit me up all these for the rarely mentioned Peyton Manning Collection.  I don’t go out of my way to pick his cards up so I always enjoy getting a bunch in trades.  I’m willing to bet about 95% of that collection came from fellow bloggers.


I saved the hit for last, but I’m not sure it’s the best card I got.  Even though it didn’t scan very well it’s a pretty awesome card.  A dual bat card of Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez.  It is a much better looking card in person that on this scan.

Dennis also sent me 1 other card, but it goes over on the “Too Many Manninghams” site as it’s a Michigan auto.  I’ll throw it in with some other Michigan cards that I’ve received lately so go over there to check them out.

Be sure to check out “Too Many Verlanders” (I had to go to the site to see what it was named this week) right now because he’s giving away a bunch of cards in team lots.  As always, thanks Dennis for another great trade.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Be safe


  1. Whoa whoa whoa WHOA! You let him give a stack of Cubs cards to your son?

    You are disappoint.

  2. LOL Jeff--I just send the cards to him, and what he does with them afterwards is entirely up to him. If he put them in a blender I wouldn't exactly feel bad.

    Glad you liked the stuff other Jeff!