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Friday, March 24, 2023

Colorful Friday

The World Baseball Classic has got me so ready to watch the Sox. I just got to figure how I'm going to do that since I cancelled my cable. I'd pay for a MLB package if they would get with the times and not black everything out. I'm not sure why the MLB is so stubborn to change their policies.

Enough about baseball, at least for a week or so. Today's post is former Wolverine football post. It'll be a quicky as I have some things to do before going to bed as early as I do for work. I have to get up early to get up to Lansing for the card show tomorrow.

The top scan is from my latest Sportlots package and the bottom card is from my LCS. Lots and lots of color. 

These 9 cards give me 24 cards of Chris.

I picked up this at my LCS as well, well technically, I pulled it out of his box of cards in my card room but I still got it from the LCS.

This card of Hurst gives me 21 of Moe.

These also came from that LCS box. The one on the left is #'d to /99 and the one on the right is to /199. These 2 are also rookies. I just realized, every card on this post is a rookie card.

These 2 cards give me 26 cards of Taco.

There is a lot of shinyness on this post

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