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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dwight StrawBird

 We set up at the Michigan City show today. It was the first show there and we were a little worried when it started but about an hour into it, the traffic started picking up. We did alright and made some more connections. One with a dealer we met at the past South Bend show, he's going to start a show in Mishawaka, we're all about the local shows. Much less travel, unlike Lansing next week.

We also bought a couple of dealers low end boxes so guess who has more boxes to sort. I'm hoping to finish up my cards tonight so I can get to sorting those next week after work.

Today's post are my Tier 3 collections. Starting with one my fairly new ones.

These 3 Larry Bird cards (all featuring other players with him) came from the Man Cave boxes so they were freebies for sorting.

Speaking of freebies, these were from sorting the cards from the LCS. I remember the USA set from back in the day.

I picked this up from Hollister's box that we bought so I paid a couple of bucks for it, I do like the shiny stuff but I'm not sure about this one. It does look better live than scanned.

I picked these up at the South Bend show, they also came out of boxes that we bought. I ended up giving Sluggo some cash for them so they weren't freebies but I definitely didn't pay much.

These 11 cards give me 71 cards of Larry Legend, it has grown quite a bit since I started it in January.

These were all freebies for sorting for the LCS. A little mix of old and new in there.

These were all freebies from the Man Cave cards.  I don't particularly like his cards in other uniform's because I really only remember him playing for the Sox.

These 11 cards give me 53 cards of Darryl.

Again, we have new & old of Gooden also from sorting for the LCS. That '86 Donruss at the bottom is the Holo Purple parallel.

These 3 came from the Man Cave sorting, all 90's goodies.

This was offered to me at the Zeeland show and I may have overpayed but I thought I might as well knock off my first auto. He bought some blasters from us and gave Sluggo some cards he was selling and this was one of them. Although the picture doesn't show it, it's one of those clear cards, plus it's an on card auto

These 9 cards give me 46 cards of Doc.

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