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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Happy Anniversary, and Goodbye, for now

My usually clean desk isn't so clean.

In case you hadn't noticed, I've taken a little hiatus. I'm not sure how long it will last but the reason is a good reason, as far as my collection goes. I've gotten so many cards in the last couple of months that I just can't keep up. The posts are feeling more forced to get them out than just doing it for the enjoyment which is what I don't want it. I've got 2 4 row boxes of cards in my room that are waiting to be logged in on.

Box on the left is from Dennis, right is from Sluggo.

One of those contains cards from Dennis of Too Many Verlanders who traded with someone else on TCDB to get me a bunch more vintage so I separated all the cards into collections and put each in the 4 rows. Vintage (2 rows), player and teams. I wanted to give a little love to him for meeting us at the Lansing show, now I see why he didn't want to pay shipping. It was 4 boxes, that would have cost a bunch so I was glad he was able to meet up. One cool item that I'll show here is this uncut sheet from Star.

You'll notice the autograph on the left card of Steve Carlton, I believe he said he got this from the trader that he got the vintage from. This is a cool item, I like it.

I was hoping to get the stuff logged in this weekend but I just saw all the piles and figured I'd go in order so I've been going through the cards from the LCS, then I have a box from Sluggo and then along with the cards from Dennis, I also picked up some Michigan cards at the same show so that's 4 sources that I need to log. Before all those, I logged in this one though. 

Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji sent this over when he read that I was collecting Darryl Strawberry now. These were all new to me, I really like the couple of oddballs at the top. I'm not sure what the envelope is, I couldn't find it on TCDB but it looks like some card shop printed these up and mailed them to make them look official. I don't know, that's just a guess. He told me I didn't have to send anything back but we'll see if I can't come up with something.

Back to my desk, I showed the 2 4 row boxes. Here's what else I have.

This is the small stack of Michigan cards that I bought at the card show last Friday in Lansing.

The 3 stacks on the left are all cards I need to put away in my binders. The next 2 stackes are White Sox cards to put away. Then all of those really high stacks on the right are all Vintage (mostly 80's) that I still need to put away. In other words, all those cards are logged but waiting to be put away.

Oh yeah, these 5 boxes, one a 3 row, are all the cards I have to sort for the LCS.

You may remember, before I started getting in all these cards, I was going to do the project of scanning all the cards that I still needed for TCDB. They were all non player collection cards as I usually scan the new player collection cards when I scan then but I've gotten so many of those in lately, that the 2 stacks on the left are player collection cards that I need to scan.

I do work on my cards after work for an hour or 2 since I'm getting off earlier. I do shows on Saturdays so I only get Sundays where I can spend hours down there.

Until I get caught up, on all of this, I won't be posting here. I will probably still do the birthday posts because I use those to track how much I've done since the previous year. I just wanted to throw out this post to show some love to Dennis and Mark before I closed this out. I'm sure I'll be back again some time, I usually do.

By the way, I started this blog 12 years ago today.


  1. Hey, happy 12 years! And thanks again for the fun in-person trade and very nice deal you gave me on the stuff I bought. I definitely want to pick up more stuff from you and Sluggo the next time I can get to one of your shows. Oh, and like I told you, I'm in the same boat as you with tons of stuff to log/scan/post and don't really feel like I'll get it back under control anytime soon either.

  2. Happy Anniversary, and, a Happy Opening Day!

  3. Wow, 12 years, that's quite a run! I've been wondering how it is that you've been able to keep up with all of this, because there's certainly no way that I'd ever be able to. Happy sorting, and obviously no one's going anywhere, so enjoy your semi-break.

  4. Happy Anniversary, and enjoy your hiatus!

  5. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your hiatus. The days of me working then coming home and spending two hours on cards every day of the week are over... or at least on hold.


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