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Monday, March 20, 2023

Sauce Castillo and friends

I'm just going to get to it tonight. The first player is the last of my January pick-ups so I'm gradually catching up.

These 8 cards of Franz (maybe 1 of Moe) all came from my last Sportlots package. A lot of them are from the Chronicles set but lots of Maize and Blue so it's all good.

These 2 came from Sluggo, lots more Maize and Blue to go with the Red, White and Blue.

I picked up these 2 at the South Bend show when Kevin bought out a couple of dollar boxes.

He does have some pro jersey cards. These 3 came from Hollisters at the last Lansing show, which is where we will be on Saturday.

I picked his out while sorting for the LCS. Obviously this is the purple parallel.

This one I have labeled as Man Cave but to be honest, I think it is also probably the LCS but I could be wrong.

These 17 cards give me 25 of Franz so it's been a productive couple of months.

These 2 scans of Sauce Castillo came from the last Sportlots package. I hadn't picked up very man of Stauskas in awhile so it was a nice package.

This one came from the sorting for my LCS. Which I picked up more cards to sort today. This is a Press Proof variation and is numbered to /199.

These 8 cards bump up the Stauskas collection to 39 cards.

This card came from my LCS sorting as well.

This was another card I picked up in Lansing from Hollister.

This Green, White and Purple variation came from the South Bend show.

These 3 cards give me 54 cards of LeVert.

Sorry about the quick post but I'm getting sleepy fast and I need to finish before I fall asleep at my laptop.

See you all on the flipside.

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