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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Busy weekend

After 4 days of birthday posts, I finally get a chance to post again. Albeit, it's only a few cards.

Friday night, myself, 2 cousins (Sluggo being one) and a nephew got free tickets (and parking pass) to the White Sox game. When I was offered, I immediately jumped on them because they were playing the Padres so I was hoping to watch Cronenworth, but I forgot he's been out with injury. If you're a Ted Lasso fan, I did get to see Coach Beard throw out the first pitch so there was that. We lost 3-2 but I got to see Dylan Cease pitch and Moncada hit a HR. Benintendi almost had a grand slam but it drifted foul. We still had a good time even though we got home around 1 am and Kevin and I had to get up early for a card show Saturday morning.

We set up at the South Bend show and I actually didn't come home with any cards. Although I did look at some vintage but I didn't buy any. I noticed a table a couple down from me that had some White Sox bobble heads but I didn't go look at them because people always want more than I'm willing to pay. When I went to the bathroom an hour or so later, I decided to walk by the table just to see who they have. As I walked up, there was a Konerko one sitting on the front and I grabbed it to look at. The customer standing next to me said "I'm getting ready to buy that," Oops! I told him my bad and set it down. Then as I was walking by the table of the dealer between ours and the bobble head dealer he showed me a Mark Buehrle one that he bought from him. I was bummed that I didn't get to either one but I was also thinking I probably wouldn't have paid that much anyways. Then the guy said, he couldn't pass it up for $5. I cussed him out. Lol. I told him I was mad at myself enough for not looking earlier than he had to tell me that I could have had them for $5. That's what I get for being cheap at that. I could have had bobble heads of my 2 favorite Sox players.

I did sort some cards for my LCS on Friday before heading out to the Sox/Padres game. I went through 10 opened blasters of 2021 Topps series II, I already have the team set so the only thing I was going to take home was inserts or parallels. Let's see what we got.

For the White Sox collection, I picked up this Madrigal rookie 1986 copy. I liked Madrigal and didn't like that he got traded. This is my 47th card of Nick and I'm pretty sure he only played with us for a year. I do tend to pick up his Sox stuff when I see it because as I said, I liked him.

For Tier 3, I grabbed this die-cut Mike Schmidt. He's been getting new cards more and more so I've been getting more. This is my 344th card of Schmidt.

I also got this 1965 look-a-like of Robert who is out with injury, not that that matters now. This is my 194th of him so I'm closing on that 200 card milestone.

Nothing too flashy but that catches me up with pick-ups other than the old random posts so I'll try to get some of those done so then I'll be caught up with everything new I've added.

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  1. I've had similar things happen to me at shows... it's the worst!


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